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Merge Discussion Thread


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sadly we can not even estimate it, because merge process can even "stuck" so we have to start over. It's a huge amount of data flow so it can happen, but not less than a few hours downtime is to be expected.
Wait, so there will be two map1? I dont like that......
#11. Will i keep my Dynasty?
The merge itself will place all Eclipse players in Bojon Dynasty while players from Romania server will be moved to Jeongbog. Therefore, Jeongbog players will be relocated to Deungsan Citadel (new map) to reduce strain and keep the feeling of two different worlds as they were until now.""

We need 2 maps, too much lagg in map1, while fighting. This is good.

also, Jeongbog is going to be the new "Jinno" Jeongbog map looks so much cooler.