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Metin stones respawn idea

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Hi! I dont know the respawn time for stones, but I have a suggestion.
Let's talk about map2 like an example. If there are 10 stones with 10 minutes respawn, you could try on test server the respawn time like: 5 stones with 5 minutes respawn and 5 stones with 15-20 mins respawn.

Because, as an example, lets say some players have the same path of farming in that map on the same channel.
First of them - full clear
Second - no stones
Third - full clear
Fourth - no stones

But if the respawn would be more variable it would be like:
First - full clear
Second - some stones
Third - some stones
Fourth - some stones

Yes, I know, there are no players who full clear or things like the same path, but I think the team understand the idea and maybe can test it some day.
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I like the idea of variance on spawn times, however:
-There are people that change channel instantly after they broke a stone, to check if on the second channel there is a stone, and so on until there are no stones on the same location. Then they use scrolls to juggle between spawn locations

-On the other hand, there are some people that use scrolls to juggle between spawn locations right after they broke the stone(it's 3-10 seconds faster for each stone than changing channels, but you pay more for scrolls), then after they finished cleaning all stones let's say from the same map, they go to the next channel

-And of course, there are people to roam around the map to check for stones(it's more inefficient than the 2 paths of farming i said above, and once they found one they change channel or keep roaming).

By making the spawn times variant, scrolls will become more inefficient for people that like to keep spawn timers on stones. It's hard to give it +1 or -1 since people have different pathings.


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Stones of the same kind may or may not have the same cooldown already.
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