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More time elixirs


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We now face the problem that a person cant find time elixirs on market to keep his alchemy active, and prices for elixirs are getting higher every day. People mostly need alchemy on high levels, so i think it would be fair to add time elixir (L) in some high lvl chests, like razador, meley, nemere or green dragon coffers. Or may be it will be good to add time elixirs as possible drop from some high lvl chaos metins. Anyway, i think there should be more ways to receive time elixirs on high lvl (sry, spending 20 mins on azrael being 110 lvl is not the way to farm enough of them)


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All beta treasure maps give 1-time elixir each "run" (100%).
But overall I agree. We face a hard time at the moment and I think some things have to be done (the ratio can turn back to normal after the player count will raise again).

P.S. Team use the summer Event to throw some time elixir L into the game. Or maybe with the "npc event"

EDIT: You can get some time elixir S by "throwing" cor draconis at the alchemist


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if you pay 5-32kkk for alchemy you have 50-80kk for time, it's a bad ideea.
If i could buy any amount of time elixirs for 80k yin each, it wouldnt be a problem. But i type "time elixir (L)" (or (M), or even (S)) in shop search and see 0-2 results. For 110 lvl farm u need to keep not only ruby active, i need, for example, 4-5 stones active for my normal farm. So i dont understand why you dont like this idea man.


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if you kill important bosses ex: wubba, lemures, have a chance to drop exlir L .
i have farmed elite crab for like a month and have only dropped once an elixir L, so yeah i would agree with buffing the drop ratio on them as they feel useless to farm right now


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it would be nice to get time elixirs from razador coffers, that would bring up their low value by a little bit