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New battle mod

Could be there a new game mode? It is basically mode of legends game.
Enter a map with 2 teams 5-5. You wont use your character. You wont have any item. You will be 105 lvl. You can choose every character and class. Skills will opened with kills or mob slays. It means everyone is adequate. Your advantage will come from items. In map, mobs will be that place and each class of mobs have different difficulty and different item drops. Items will be effecfive, not craps. +9 with bonuses but not 5. You should think a strategy for mobs for items.
Every kill of other team will bring money. To end thw game, you should kill the metin of enemy.
Like the legends game.
I think this mod because farming is too boring for me, and i want there should be balanced place to battle.

1. Much fun implementing such modes
2. This is a MMORPG and not LoL
3. For something we want to keep achieving stuff so we can compete with anyone some day
4. (There are more importants things to do)
It can be special event weekly or montly. Also, i dont know the difference between mmorpg and lol. But sometimes it can be done. Cs go bring new game mode, battle royal nowadays. Why not for metin2?