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Items for lvl90+ are a scam, I farm 500k-1.5kk a day with a poison, bsa, iron helm, Pentagon shield, ee, htb, htm and Phoenix shoes
And I only farm between 2-4h
with sura you can farm in dark temple / ice mountain metins , in sd2/sd3 alchemy ( Dragon Stone shards ) + you drop polymarbles spider ( 5-7kk worth )
witih 86 sura you can farm in red Wood Pretty fine and dt runs ( death reaper ) s hould bring you some nice yang
i have money in the game but not have items,money have 3kkk which player deserves to get good items. Lvl up warr ? Or buy items for sura and no for warr?
i would investe in sura around 500kk
Level up warrior to 90, make a buff lvl 90
and then farm 90 map with warrior, and with sura
alchemy, metins lvl 60 etc