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Odyssey summary


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We already wrote our suggestions. It was success for our side this 2-3 month of speedserver. You shall need it every quarter to deploy same server because of keeping new players in Aurora servers and other players can make new challanges in this speedserver. I hope shortly you start a new speed server :)


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Or maybe a race server for 1 month, where at the end of it, we shall hold a guild tournament (lv 110) for everyone
a GT free for all, on odyssey the 79/96 chars killed 110 chars easy.
On a new server/speed server just open a GT free for all levels, u cant expect more then 2 guilds at 110 categorie


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Ok overall it was good. Fun to play, this server is the best but i will point some things
-1 for the lack of events. I participated in the first week bookday and once in a boss event and that was pretty much all i could join.
-1 for choosing the worst days like Sunday evening or Monday for events/server opening.
-1 for quests. Someone wrote already about the quests, but i will say something as well. Daily login was a nightmare as i had to destroy rubish B stuff.
I’m not sure if there are quests in game actually, and if they are, the rewards are rubish so nobody does them i guess.
Every other game i play, doing the quests, specially on early game is a MUST. You cant ignore the quests because the reward is too great to just advance in the game without.
I remember metin had that kind of quest, on official, i was doing the uriel pages, if you know them, they were soooo rewarding, no player ever ignored them, well here i think until 90, nothing is worth doing.

Personally i think the high level was hard af. In beta i was farming about 150mil and 25 changers on average per glove but the expenses were insane.

I didn’t achieved any of my goals as i got stuck on lvl 96 for long time tryin to make equipments and there is no way i can carry them on aurora. Sadly i had to give up on this game as it is too much time consuming and after all my efforts i felt there was no progress at all. I did enjoy the low level though until lvl75 it was really fun to play.

But it was great to play the game again and if it wasn’t for odyssey I wouldn’t have done it so thank u wom. Good job and good lu k