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[ODYSSEY] The Art of Screenshots - "Christmas Edition"

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- Ho ho ho, my sweet child, do you want to see a story? A Christmas story?
- How can you see a story Santa?

- It's an ancient art - the art of photography or how the kids from your age are calling it - The Art of Screenshots.
- And...can you see stories in screenshots?
- You can feel them, it's like you're there.

- But who can make that Santa?
- Only the elves can do them and... we know plenty. Some are living in Aurora, some right in the middle of the Odyssey. I'm sure they can help us.
Duration: 20.12 - 03.01

1st Place - 300 Dragon Coins
2nd Place - 200 Dragon Coins
3rd Place - 150 Dragon Coins
Rewards for 4th place and above will be announced after the contest!

  • You are not allowed to use any third-party editors, filters and software. However, you can cut parts of your screenshot or change it size (if you decide to do that, you should post in Spoiler the original screenshot).
  • One forum user - one screenshot.
  • The screenshot must be taken from WoM2 Odyssey only, thus server name must be visible!.
  • You are free to add any title/short text next to your screenshot to explain the situation.
  • You have to take a screenshot from your own account.
    • If you decide to make a screenshot with your friends/random players, make sure to note down your character name in order to be rewarded.
  • Any comments besides the pictures will be deleted, the event is not the place for conversations.
  • You can participate on WoM2 Aurora's contest but screenshots must be different.
  • Este interzisa folosirea oricarui tip de software pentru editare sau filtre. Totusi, poti taia parti din screenshotul tau sau sa-i schimbi dimensiunile (daca decizi sa faci asta trebuie sa postezi printr-un Spoiler originalul.
  • Un utilizator - un screenshot.
  • Screenshotul trebuie sa fie facut doar pe WoM2.
  • Esti liber sa adaugi orice titlu sau scurta descriere imaginii tale pentru a explica situatia.
  • Imaginea trebuie facuta de pe contul tau.
    • Daca decizi sa faci screenshotul cu prieteni sau oricare alt player, asigura-te ca vei scrie numele caracterului tau pentru a te putea premia.
  • Orice comentariu pe langa cele cu screenshoturi vor fi sterse. Acest topic nu este locul pentru conversatii. Puteti discuta anumite aspecte ale evenimentului in threadul special destinat.

Merry Christmas!


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1st Place (300DC) - @Overload
2nd Place (200DC) - @ASTE
3rd Place (150DC) - @JupK
4th Place (20x B.Changer) - @daww
5th Place (15x B.Changer) - @Ophis
The rest of the participants will receive 5x/10x Bonus changers to their mall storage (as long as I could find your nickname).
We took into account the votes from players, staff members and compliance with the rules.
Congratulations and thank you for participating!

WoM Team.
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