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The Johwa Training Grounds are a government funded combat arena for all residents of Johwa City and Deungsan Citadel to hone their skills against their fellow men. You can talk to the Arena Battle Master located in the first towns and challenge another player or party to battle in ways you've never seen before!

The Johwa Training Grounds are a duelling facility for single fighters up to 8-man teams in a variety of disciplines with a variety of rules.
Click on Arena Battle Master "Training Grounds Challenge".

1. This window will pop-up:

2. Write your opponent's name and you will see his level and group members.

2.1. If you want to challenge enemy group you have to write group leader name, if not you will see this:

3. After receiving the challenge, you will see such a window:

Arena Modes:

Determines how many rounds you will fight.

Round Time Limit
Determines how long one round will last.

Survival - is the Last Man Standing battle mode, you only have 1 life each round. Killing enemy player or entire team in order to earn a point.
Rounds: 5/10/15/20/25
Round Time Limit: 1 min./2 min./5 min.
It can be 1vs1 fight.

During the fight, at the top you can check the current result and remaining time.

Brawl - First to # of kills battle mode, the first team wins, which reaches a certain number of kills. After death, you will be respawned with full hp.
Rounds: 5/10/15/20/25
Round Time Limit: 10 min./20 min./30 min.
It can't be 1vs1 fight.

This window will pop-up after winning the duel.

FFA - Free For All battle mode, earn points through kills and top the leaderboard before time is up! Groups are disbanded once inside and item-based healing is unavailable regardless of item rules. After death, you will be respawned with full hp.
Rounds: -
Round Time Limit: 5 min./10 min./15 min.
It can't be 1vs1 fight.

Note: The points gained depend on the damage dealt. If Player A dealt 99% damage to Player B, but Player C killed Player B then:
Player A - 105 Points
Player C - 15 Points
You can't steal kills anymore here!

During the FFA fight, you can see the results table on the left.

Banned Items

You can always use: Alchemy and Dragon/Tiger Items
However, using Red Potions is blocked in every mode.

All - No items can be used in this mode whatsoever.

Dojang - The item restrictions in this mode mimic the ones in our Dojang fighting tournament.

  • Liquids
  • Haste potion
  • Green potion
  • Purple potion
  • Vitality Stone
  • Palm of Pierce/Crit
  • Leopard Pill
  • Fish

None - Any items may be used in this mode.

You can also watch fights, you have to click at Arena Battle Master and choose "Observe Training Ground Duels"


So what are you waiting for? Go and fight for the glory!