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Question and answer


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The thread works as following: the user above asks a question and you reply to it. In the same post you ask the next question (therefore every post in this thread must containt an answer and then a question). Questions can be about every topic. I will start.

A place you would like to visit or travel to?



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Scratchman said:
Kfasu said:
What is your hobby?
snitch to the police if somebody use illegal substance's
what's your favorite music?

I beg you, everything is for the people, and especially when healing and helps (whether it is legal). DMT helped me get out of depression, and my friends did not care whether it is legal, only if can help.

Nothing is wrong with me

Q: Where do you usually go on holidays?


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7 July, 2013 at 18:15.

Nice offtopic thread! Cleaned a little bit (Goes for you, BlueSkyline34).

Q: Can you guys please keep this thread solely with q&a?
... okay I know the answer is yes (you better!). Let's exhaust typical questions

Q: What's your favorite color?


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kfaszu i just made fun...

i think it was fight club, the dark knight rises or memento

whats your favorite rap artist from 1980-2000


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Ugh, not a big fan of rap, but if I'd have to choose one whose songs from that period I like, I guess it would be 2Pac.

Best movie you've seen in 2015?