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Random WoM2 Pictures by Syni (and maybe other stuff)

Hello everybone,

i came by to drop this picture.

Model: DonLiike

Make sure to check out his channel:

He is fun and entertaining. Don't miss his Let's plays and Mixtapes of wom.

If you want a picture like the one above of your own character or whatever else send me a pm and we will figure something out.


So i had this screenshot of myself and had 2 different ideas about it.

On one hand i was very satisfied with just the watercolor effect i created on it, on the other hand i felt like something was missing so i started experimenting a little bit.

It turned out to get a little Good vs. Evil, Red vs. Blue character.

I hope you like them.

Here are the results:

Kind regards

Hello , i see your work today, and i really like a lot your skill xD

Im youiuber, i start today, so im a small :c

I come here ask you if you can do one for i put on avatar in youtube
My name is RupFu/WazuuP
Sura and Warrior

If you can do, i will be realy apreciated


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22k on azreal? Damn.. Can you tell us what poison and alchemy u got please?
Btw I deal 13k only on azreal with poison 40avg 20devils, shield stun 12str 20 devils, with full devils and full bio. How can you hit 22k xD

P.S Great pics, really well made!
We used 12 str 20 devil shield and 40 avg 20 devil poison. Full devil. And some push. What i missed.. .activated aura before putting on lovers suit. No alchemy activated on azrael...

Anyways, here are some new pictures. Keeping an old style. Would be happy to hear which one is your favourite and why. And if you like the style in general.


PS: i did hide "syni" in all 4 images. maybe you can find it, maybe not. have a look yourself
Hello everybody,

i was asked to create some loadingscreens for the Metin2 Global Private Server.
Since the server seems to be offline i thought it is okay to share them with this community now.
I hope you enjoy them.

Download contains all images in 1920x1080, 1280x1024 and 1024x768 resolution.

If there is some interest to use them as a wallpaper/screensafer or something like that i can provide them without the Metin2Global logo.

Here is the preview(Screenshots, low quality)