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Removing purple potion

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i would like to suggest to remove the Purple potions.
just give a General +20 (30) movespeed to all charackters.
it wont make a difference at all since everybody has a load of Purple potions, the only difference is that you dont have to constatnly drink one potion to Keep your movespeed.
it is just a comfortable Change for lazier People and making room in the inventory. small and neat Change i think, since it wont affect anything at all expect making this game more comfortable.


With the same kind of logic you will later on ask for green pots to be also removed and everyone to have +10-30 att speed permamently. I am sorry but pots are a part of the game, -1 from me
this sums it somehow up



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Well how about just increase the Duration? make it cost 6 times more in exchange for 1 hour duration.
Should also be easy to implement and i guess there are no negative aspects about it?
This is indeed no big change , i just think that These little things sum up later on for an overal better gaming experience.


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Potions are part of this game, if you need a longer duration - use Leopard Pill (30 mins).

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