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Rework primal law

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Hello, since you said primal law was going to be a battle royale on wom2, and it doesnt really feels like it, id like to suggest some changes:
-you enter with level 105, 100 hp and nothing else
-you have to loot the surroundings for items
-you can get weapons/helmets/armours from +0 to +3 (increasing their stats with each +)
-you are spawned on the character you CHOOSE, and not the character you are playing in game with.
-also some items (horse/pet/boots) for movement speed, which you can find on the map/loot for them(boots)
-you need energy drinks/medkit to refill your hp overtime/instantly
-upgraded rewards (lets say you get points for each kill/victory) 100 points for wom2 chicken winner costume or something, idk
-a special map, not so huge, medium size
I think that does it.. what do u think?


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Too much work needed for this. They didn't bring a big update since meley 2 years ago, this would take them literal ages
actually we had an update with high lvl maps...didnt we? interesting contents are upcoming as you can see in devs diaries. About Primal Law, yes we agree, some changes are needed and we had something in mind, that i can tell. One of the reasons its not held recently its because its ready for some modifications because well, obviously some players didnt like the way it is.
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