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For all players, especially beginners and those looking for an active guild and aiming high. SatekAcademy is the second part of the Satek guild for players who play or intend to play actively and want to develop. We have pvm and pvp players in every lvl range. To start with, we offer:
knowledge of veterans from the wom2 server and a large number of pvp activities, fun, and the possibility of joint dungeons.


If you want to join us in the fast-growing guild do not hesitate and write today to:
Dremes in-game
LeusN44 in-game
or contact me via the forum.
Green kingdom (Bojon)
we require you to be active, develop and strive to be at the top, the activity is monitored on an ongoing basis and dead accounts do not exist in our ranks.

We do not require much, but we can offer a lot.

Planned guild event for Saturday 17.10.

Places in the guild are limited, so do not hesitate and contact us now.