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Season 1: Clashing Blades - Patch Notes

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Dear Players,

It's finally time. Season 1 titled "Clashing Blades" is rolling out and brings with it loads of new and exciting content for both slayers of monsters and slayers of enemy forces. This represents a new milestone in WoM's long history and we sincerely hope you enjoy what we have on offer here for you:

New Game Content


The Johwa Training Grounds have been added to the game!

The Johwa Training Grounds are a government funded combat arena for all residents of Johwa City to hone their skills against their fellow men. You can talk to the Arena Battle Master located on the fighting grounds in Johwa City next to the Archer Guardian and challenge another player or party to battle in ways you've never seen before - and here's how it works:

- Speak with the Arena Battle Master upon which a new window will open, in there, you can declare against which player/party leader you want to fight

- Choose any battle mode and restrictions to your liking, here are your choices:
  • Battle Modes:
    • First to # of Kills: You can set a goal number of kills to be reached by either player/party and first to reach the set number of kills wins.
    • Survival (Party Only): You can set the number of rounds to be played and the time limit for each round. Fight until the entire enemy party has been defeated to earn a point. You can not resurrect in this mode.
    • Free for All: All party arrangements are disbanded upon entry and you can fight in a Everyone vs. Everyone style chaotic battle! Every time a player falls, all players that participated in getting the kill earn points depending on their contribution. Lead the scoreboard by the end of the time limit to win!
  • Item Restrictions*:
    • No Restrictions: Everything goes!
    • Dojang-style: The same list of items is banned than our renowned Dojang tournament.
    • All Restrictions: Nothing goes! For economically resourceful fighting!
* Do note that healing items are blocked in Free for All mode regardless of item restriction set!

- After your enemy in question has accepted the invitation you (and your party if you have one) will be warped in and the fun begins!

We'll expand this in the future with more maps to choose from and more modes and options.

Guild Wars and Nation War Score Boards have been added to the game!

At the end of each Guild War or Nation War you'll be greeted with a scoreboard displaying how every participant has fared in the contest!
Your statistics will be collected throughout all of the season and the top scorers will find their names eternalized in the rankings!


The Treasure Hunt has been added to the game!

From this update onward you'll be able to find Treasure Maps by killing monsters in neutral areas, they're exceedingly rare so if you manage to get one make sure to pick it up! The treasure map will point to a location on the map you obtained it from and it's on you to figure out where the alluring X leads to! Once there, prepare your best friends and venture into the Lost King's Treasury.

Inside the treasury you will encounter a badder and meaner version of the local big boss to oppose you. You have 5 minutes before the treasury collapses so make sure you dispatch them quickly! Should your entire party be knocked out or 5 minutes pass without a victory, you'll be sent out of the treasure room and the loot will be lost forever! So not only will your friends in combat serve as valuable forces to beat the heart-pounding DPS check but increase your survivability inside the treasure room.

If you manage to emerge the victor, a gigantic golden chest will await you on the throne awarding you and your friends with various treasures. Give yourself a pat on the back and stay vigilant for when the next treasure map requires your exploration skills to beat!

* Do note that for the time being Giant's Wasteland and Ghost Forest will not drop treasure maps nor offer charts pointing towards them.

Minor Updates and Changes

  • The Death Reaper will now drop 4 Death Reaper Chests upon defeat
    • The contents of the Death Reaper chest have been revamped as well
  • A new pet, the panda, has been added to the game
  • Dragon God Attack & Dragon God Life have been removed as a possible drop from all sources.
  • Party Member locations are now displayed on the atlasmap
    • To accomodate this change, the color of party members on the mini and atlasmap has been adjusted
  • Day and Night now cycle through the game in servertime
    • You can disable this in the System Options
  • New Emotions and Dances have been added to the game
  • Several new costumes and hairstyles have been added to the game
  • Monsters spawned by the Heavens and Zin Heavens General give reduced EXP now
  • The Naaga Lair NPC has received a new model to look more distinct from default guards
  • Female Assassins now have a new default outfit
  • New water texture
  • The success chance of the "Horse Call" skill has been readjusted
  • Levelup quests up to Lv20 have been removed.
  • Hungry monsters have been removed from Johwa City and replaced with their normal counterparts.
  • Weapon drops in low level now have a higher default quality
  • Several maps have their map name display overworked
  • Improvements were made to Johwa City and Naaga Lair geography
  • Naaga mobs now have skills and sounds
  • Several new items have been added, including:
    • Blacksmith's Favor: Use after upgrading at a Demon Tower Smith to receive another upgrade attempt.
    • Hermit's Advice has been reintroduced to the game. It doubles the success chance of a skill training.
    • Experimental Wine+: Functionally the same as Experimental Wine but works on Biology Quests up to Level 90
Bug Fixes
  • Incorrect OX questions have been corrected
  • The item split dialogue now shows 1 as the default number again
  • The quest scroll for "Epitome of Misery" will now disappear once the quest has been finished.
  • Several nonexistent items have been removed from the shop search
  • The texts of some quests has been adjusted to accomodate for NPC availability in Johwa City
  • A few improperly blocked areas have been fixed in Johwa City
  • Players of different dynasties can no longer marry.
  • The Heavens General and Zin Heavens can now use their skills again.
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Dear community, a quick maintenance went trough in order to fix some issues, being a couple of them important:
  • Hunting quests will not be reset for those who completed all the quests up to their levels;
    • We are still analyzing those players whose quests were mistakenly reset, and we're looking forward to give their progress back to them. Our advice for these players is to avoid making any progress on these for now.
  • Earth Dragon dungeon is now available again;
  • No more sudden kicks while in Naaga dungeon;
  • Skills-related issues, mainly visual;
  • Enchanted Blade issue where it kept running (without HP stealing) after it was supposed to end fixed;
  • Music selection window is also working again now;
  • Minor changes to Johwa Nation.
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