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Season 2: Chaos Control - Patch Notes

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Season 2 - Chaos Control is finally here!
Today we bring you some new things, among others bugfixes as well that will, hopefully, make your game more interesting, easier and pleasant. Let's get to the point right away, so here's the list:

Updated EXP Curve
  • Below you will find the updated EXP curve starting with the old one on the top and the new one on the bottom. As you can see, we have smoothed out the curve for you and made the scaling a bit more natural. Doesn't the look of it make you want to jump head-first into adventure and level up some?

    Note: Most of the experience values required to level up beyond Lv77 have been reduced. Players that have over-capped EXP as a result of this have their EXP set to 95% of their current level.


Celebrate the Strong


  • The season's top scorers' performance will be eternalized on these statues for everyone to see.
  • The rankings will be displayed on our website as well, so give it your best shot to become the Number One in future seasons!
  • A floating, gm-like, sign will be displayed above season's best player character (until the end of the next season).

Primal Law
  • WoM2's new and exclusive battle royale style event will be implemented with this update! Can you be the sole survivor? Are you the top of the food chain? Prove it! We will hold the event every 2 weeks and there's something worth fighting for for everyone! We will post details on how Primal Law works in a separate post.

Pet System

  • Mount skins have been added to the game. Do you wish to pep up your mount's looks? Look no further!
  • Do note that these skins are one-time use and changing pet-type or devolving your mount will result in reverting the skin to default.
  • A new pet has been added to Jong-Chug's shop as well as the default mount skin in case you wish to reset your mounts skin.
  • You have a 3 sec cooldown now to mount after you un-mounted.
  • Minor fixes related to pet system.
Shop-related updates

  • A new item called Bundle+ has been added. It contains several shop skins to pep up your shop and attract potential customers! (each skin is for single use, effective until you fully close your private shop)

  • Every type of horse feed now work on all types of horses, however, providing the proper feed will give double points.
  • Chat history (messages sent) will be saved until the client instance is closed. Up to 30 messages can be stored.
  • "/dice" command has been deactivated.
  • Guild tags have been shortened and guild war declaration window had its input limit increased to allow Guild Wars between tagged guilds.
  • Ice Witch no longer has a random spawn in Heaven's Lair. She instead resides at her previous usual locale now.
  • Liquids and Researcher's Elixir have now an effect icon (left-top).
  • Effect icons will no longer overlap nor be overlapped by the target window since they've been limited to 8 icons per line.
  • Dragon Soul Stones are now searchable using the Shop Search feature.
  • Shop Search has now 4 different colored arrows in order to improve and facilitate searches of desired items.

UI Enhancements, other minor changes
  • Refreshed Season Pass quest line and added a new set of costume/hair into Season 2's Season Pass, while the previous Season pass set - Capoeira Set - will be available in Item Shop.
  • New quest category styles.
  • Bravery Cape has now a visual effect upon using.
  • Target board will now show a mob's element (if any) and it's HP percentage.
  • Added a new overlay to the mini map.
  • A new icon has been added, informing you that an Event is currently taking place. Clicking it will give you information on the event held.
  • The dynasty selection window will now tell which dynasty belongs to our former servers, Romania and Eclipse.
  • Leftover attributes from some costumes have been removed.
  • With the addition of pet skins, Blue Barry is now a skin of Bernie.

Bug Fixes
  • Related to guilds, an issue where guild leaders couldn't declare and/or accept guild wars due to too long guild names are now solved (more about guild names change and/or possibility to get rid of tags planned in the closer future). You can register now for upcoming Tournament!
  • An issue wherein Ritual of Doom would attack players from the same dynasty without a duel (free-mode as well) instance. This bug was visible only if mounted.
  • Lost King's Treasury Map have a Map name displayed in description again.
  • Another mount-related bug, where players wouldn't be set in Free PvP mode even if they were attacking someone from the same dynasty.
  • Monsters can not get stuck in safe zone anymore.
  • Nation War Ranking Board flags have been scaled up to fit in the window.
  • Old Lady's full skill reset won't happen if the player does not have enough inventory space to receive the Book of Combat Arts.
  • Removed the small lag from a successful Grand Master Skill training.
  • Soul Stones can no longer be used in dungeons and private instances, due to causing issues.
    Note: This is a temporary solution until we can fix the root cause.
  • Fixed hunting quests of the last few players that had them broken.

A Follow Up

This update will be rolled out in two stages, due to Primal Law being a very extensive content update as well as many things happening at the same time. (Christmas Events, Server Merges, Holiday Season) Stage 2 of the Season 2 update will be rolling out later this season bringing you Chaos Metins with a few more minor changes and updates. A post will detail these at a later date. We wish you all a happy new year and we hope you'll all enjoy that this Season brought for you and that you'll enjoy all the things that will follow shortly after it, cause we can't wait to tell you!

With regards,
The WoM2 Team.
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