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Season 2 Extension and Season 3 Pre-announcement #1

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Dear players,

as Season 3 is still in the works, we would like to inform you that we will be extending Season 2 and the duration of your passes for at least 1 month. A restart of the game will occur on Sunday, the 31st of March at 2:00 AM CET for the extension to be in effect.

While the free extension may make you feel a little better about it we have no intentions of stopping here, so we will present you with our Pre-Announcement series for Season 3 titled "Into the Deep" where we will frequently showcase what you can expect from the next season of WoM.

We will begin with a bit of a keynote of sorts detailing the core aspects in a very broad way today, and then periodically tease the new features coming until the patch notes for Season 3 are available. So let's go!

Season 3 - Into the Deep Pre-Announcement #1: Keynotes

It has been a long time coming but with Season 3 it's time you dust out your PvE gear and engage in some good old-fashioned leveling!
The Level cap for all characters will be increased from 105 to 120. You best get ready for some good old-fashioned, back-breaking grinding!

To make sure that the arduous climb for the top will not be a boring one, there will be not one, not two but five new areas for you to explore!
Four of these areas will represent new maps, while one of them is a new dungeon. New dungeons will be added in subsequent seasons as well.

A familiar yet completely new system will be in place on some of these new maps, presenting a unique challenge for you and your teammates.
Band together, and explore the new areas in search of new loot and new challenges!

Can you stop the earthquakes threatening to tear the Johwan Continent apart and explore the mysteries of the depths? Make sure to have a talk
with Uriel once Season 3 lands and embark on a set of new main story missions! New side quests will also be added throughout future seasons.

Season 3 - Into the Deep Pre-Announcement #1: Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy for the new expansion is vintage. We firmly believe that WoMs true identity is that of a vintage game. While developing new content we want to encapsulate the feeling of the "golden era" that draws you to the game years later and make it timeless. As we will tease the features to come, I hope this philosophy shines through and you will enjoy all of the new content as much as we'll enjoy presenting it to you.

Season 3 - Into the Deep Pre-Announcement #1: Feature Teaser

In today's beginning keynote spotlight we would like to present to you the expansion to Fishing content that will arrive with Season 3: Natural Predators.

We believe that fishing has not received the love it deserves and we seek to change that with this new expansion.
The Natural Predator mechanic works as follows:

When fishing in a map, there may be very rare fish lurking about. However, due to the presence of Natural Predators, so fish that mainly eat these rare fish for sustenance, they resort to hiding in safety. If you manage to hunt enough of these rare fishes natural predators, you will sense a change in the sea as you're fishing, indicating that you may be able to catch the rare fish for a limited time, before the predators take back their place. Can you find all of the rare fish and their natural predators? Will you be able to catch yourself every single rare fish in your quest through the new areas of the Johwan Continent? We're curious to see how you'll manage.

Season 3 - Into the Deep Pre-Announcement #1: Final Words

This is it for the first pre-announcement for Season 3 titled "Into the Deep". We hope you look forward to the new season and can bear with us while it's underway. We can't wait to bring it to you all! See you all at the next pre-announcement!

Much love from your WoM Team!


The Deceitful Forest
A cursed, hazy and confusing zone with sinister landscapes.
This hazardous area, located in the center of the Johwan Continent, is inhabited by odd tree-alike creatures. Humans cannot sustain being there for long periods of time due to its danger.

The Deungsan Peaks
A map constituted by mountains connected by bridges. It is said the wanderers of this area are often attacked by the regional enemies.

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Life in Danger - Hazardous Areas

Now that we've talked about Kirin you might wonder, just how hazardous are those areas? The answer is: very.

Hazardous areas are a new type of area between normal maps and dungeons. They are areas that are incompatible with sustained human life. Similar to Nemere's Depths where the supreme cold posed a constant threat to your life, these areas too, have something about them that if left unchecked can make your journey end prematurely. One example of such a hazardous area is the Deceitful Forest.

The Deceitful Forest - Alraune's Curse

Alraune, the Queen of Insanity herself, has placed a curse on the forest once inhabited by entomologists and scholars alike. The curse turns anyone who remains within the forest for longer than two hours absolutely insane. No longer being able to distinguish between friend or foe - a research project that was meant to procure innovative medicine ended in bloodshed and death. To make matters worse, Alraune has sealed the exit to the forest making an advance to the Deungsan Peaks, the neighboring mountains, basically impossible. Can you manage expeditions into the Deceitful Forest and break the seal?

The Dangers of Hazardous Areas

We've already established that ordinary pets and mounts can not sustain themselves in these Hazardous Areas either and only the Kirin Combat Horse can manage to brave the dangers of these new areas but even more theats await you within:

Not only can you stay in Hazardous Areas a limited amount at a time before the dangers pose a risk to you, falling in battle carries with it an extra heavy weight within these areas. The willpower required to wake from unconsciousness saps your remaining strenght, thus reducing the time you have left in the hazardous area before you have to retreat for the moment. "Is there anything I can do about it?" you might ask and to that we say "Yes, you can!". With the update you will receive a new passive ability called "Resurrection". The ability to revive a fallen other player at no cost to their lifeforce. Mastering the skill will allow you to revive the fallen player with even more health and mana than they could manage on their own. It is a strenuous skill to perform so you'd be advised to venture with your friends so that you can take turns to help each other conquer this new threat.

The Secrets of Hazardous Areas

After escaping from the Deceitful Forest you might encounter more hazardous areas on your way. These other areas might even be a host to a plethora of riddles and secrets, some of which might give you a rare reward while others might unleash a powerful boss to conquer for a chance at unimaginable riches.

Will you master these hazardous areas? Or will they force you into submission? We'll be curious to see how you fare.

With regards,
the WoM Team
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