Signature Contest ~ Halloween 2018 (25/10/18 - 9/11/18) | WoM2 Forum

Signature Contest ~ Halloween 2018 (25/10/18 - 9/11/18)


a. You must follow the subject given;
b. Concerning signatures size, you can choose either 450x200 or 600x300;
c. You can join the contest only with a single signature per session;
d. The signature must not be already made;
e. Ripping is not allowed and is punishable with contest elimination;
f. All the forum rules must be honoured;
g. A screenshot of the .psd of the signature must be posted too,so that we can see
all the different layers of your work;
h. You can use every kind of editing program such as: Gimp, Photoshop, Paint etc;
i. Please remember that it can take up to 3 days for us to vote for entries and to pick the winners, so wait for the end of the contest patiently.

Happy Halloween to all of you, and have fun!
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well actually I wished a contest like this but then the team fked me so up that all my motivation got destroyed like a fms at blacksmith.
good luck to all the participants. 3/5 are nice ones.


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Hello everyone!
contest is over now, we are not receiving any more entries. Good job and may the best win!
Winners will be announced these days (up to 3d).