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Signature of the Month - Halloween (15/10 - 03/11)


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Yes! You saw it right!
Signature of the month is back during this month for a very spookilicious edition! You can read the rules below. Please follow them and give us your scariest rendition of your artistic bloody veins!

Deadline: 3rd of November 2017
1st Place: 100 DC
2nd Place: 75 DC
3rd Place: 50 DC

1. Be spooky!
2. Let your creativity flow within either 400x250 or 600x300 pixels.
3. Only one signature per person. Show us the best you got.
4. Be creative. We want to see your work, not somebody else's.
5. Ripping is not allowed and is punishable with contest elimination
6. We all love our forum! Please follow its rules.
7. A screenshot of the project file of the signature must be posted too. Take this screenshot in such a fashion so that we can see all the different layers of your work.
8. You can use every kind of editing program such as: Gimp, Photoshop, Paint, etc