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Signature of the Month XVIII (02/04 - 25/04)

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a. You must follow the subject given;
b. Concerning signatures size, you can choose either 450x200 or 600x300;
c. You can join the contest only with a single signature per session:
you can't post the same entry both on Global and Ro forums;
d. The signature must not be already made;
e. Ripping is not allowed and is punishable with contest elimination;
f. All the forum rules must be honoured;
g. A screenshot of the .psd of the signature must be posted too,
so that we can see all the different layers of your work;
h. You can use every kind of editing program such as: Gimp, Photoshop, Paint etc
i. Please remember that it can take up to 3 days for us to vote for entries
and to pick the winners, so wait for the end of the contest patiently.
1st: 100DC
2nd: 75DC
3rd: 50DC
Hello! Here the winners for this SOTM session:

3rd -> Zxeko
2nd -> Ainnor
1st -> sheep
Congratz! You can now contact a GM to receive your prize.

Furthermore, we have an important announcement concerning this contest.
From now on, our SOTM will be seasonal: this means that we won't have a SOTM contest every month, but (probably, it isn't sure yet) every season or during holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, etc.
But don't worry, SOTM won't disappear! For any doubt, you can leave a question in the "About SOTM" thread.
Thanks to those who partecipated and we hope to see you at the next contest!
Not open for further replies.