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Accepted Skill loading time.

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The point of this suggestion is to give a QoL update to skill descriptions, mainly skill recharge times.

At the moment skill loading times are represented by casting speed = 100.
The suggestion is to include the original loading time (recharge time) of each skill as well as the loading time with the player's casting speed into the description of each skill. To make it easier to understand, let's take the Whirlwind skill which has a recharge or loading time of 15 seconds. Let's assume the player has 150 casting speed. With this suggestion, there would also be a line that says ''Loading time (C) = 10''. (C) of course stands for ''with casting speed'', but can be changed to whatever else to make it easier to understand.

Useful to know how fast certain skills recharge given a certain amount of casting speed.
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It is really cool, also when the skill goes on cooldown, the time untill becomes available could be displayed on the skill.
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