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Spring Lottery!


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Dear Players!

Spring is here and so it's a joyous occasion for us to celebrate the end of this gloomy and boring winter, eagerly awaiting warm and sunny spring days ahead of us.
As usual, we are holding Spring Lottery and here's how this lottery will work:
The event will start tomorrow on March 21st at 16:00 CET (15:00 GMT) and last until March 28th, 16:00 CET (15:00 GMT)
You'll be able to drop Lottery Tickets from any monster in the game during these 7 days (of course from monsters that are within your level range).
We will pick 10 winners using random.org and they will be rewarded with 100DC and 10MC each.
Keep your tickets and check your winning numbers once we announce them in game, forum, facebook page and discord. If you are one of the lucky winners exchange your winning ticket with a GameMaster in game for a prize.
Do note that if you sell your ticket to some of the NPC's in game before the event ends, your ticket won't be registered for this event (therefore no chance to win) but you'll get some Yin in exchange!
We wish you good luck and happy hunting!

With regards,
The WoM Team


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Dear players,

Numbers for Spring Lottery were extracted with random.org and those are the numbers, exactly in that order

1 - 111492
2 - 110504
3 - 111651 - Mahasti
4 - 112012
5 - 106892 - GU1GNOL
6 - 112806
7 - 108192
8 - 108072
9 - 113921
10 - 113789 - JustCaust2001

If you have one or more winner tickets in your posesion, you have to PM a GM in-game and tell him you have the number.
That GM will come to take your Ticket and give you the prize you won.

Each lucky number will be rewarded with 100 DC and 10 MC

With regards,
The WoM2 Team
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