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Stone/monster drop

Hello, i know there was a nerf to metinstones in the quarantine since the large number of players, but now that it is back to normal, did they revert it? Also, reduce the drop to gold key and mission book, sometimes u get like 5-6 per stone in forest and it is annoying to pick them everytime or at least make it that we can select if we want to pick them. Thank you :)


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I think they shouldn't really mess with the drop values for a while, if they get a lot of new players after the update, they'll have to adjust it again and everyone will be mad, or they'll mess up the market again. Adding keys, chests and mission books to the loot filter would be good, tho.

I'm one player, my opinion doesn't matter that much, feel free to disagree with what I said about the metin stones.