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Summer Guild Tournament 2020 Event

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Dear Players,

It is time for the most beloved PvP event; The Guild Tournament !!!
At this event players can show their strength and battle tactics to prove they are the best PvP guild !

The Guild Tournament will start from Sunday, 16th August 17:00 CEST.
The single category of this Tournament will be for level 105-110 players on 16th August as already mentioned.
You can register in this thread until Thursday, 13th August 17:00 CEST.

Here are the Rules that you have to read and respect for the tournament:

- The war will be fought under Medium-restrictions mode, 100 points and 30 minutes war.
- Only fight in the middle of the arena at the instructions of the Staff Member responsible for it.
- Guild Leaders must be online in order to start the guild war but they are not obligated to participate.
- Names of players who are not listed in the application can not participate in the guild tournament.
- At least 3 players is the minimum amount that can take place at the event.
- A player can not register on different guilds as a fighter or replacement.
- You can not register with a secondary account in the same category.
- A guild can exit the center arena of the guild map for a break once per war provided the enemy and staff are clearly made aware of it.
- It's not allowed to chase down guilds who are taking a break or otherwise leave the central area of the map from the opposite side of your team's entry point.
- You can not access the arena buffed. The mage from your guild has to buff the party when you are preparing to fight in the middle of the arena.
- Any registration edits after the registrations time expired can lead to disqualification.
- Use of guild skills is allowed.
- Use of potions is allowed.
- Use of mounts is not allowed.
- You are not allowed to use polymorph marbles or Voodoo Armband
- Use of white flag is not allowed
- Writing during the fight is not allowed, this is necessary so we won't miss when a guild wants a break and well, this tournament is about fight not talk, you can do that after the fight has stopped.

Guild Leaders have to make sure that their guild members read and respect the above rules to avoid disqualification.
The brackets will be double elimination mode, make sure you understand what it means and keep an eye on your category registration post for i will update the bracket live after each war.
P.S: We reserve the right to cancel a tournament if we deem there are not enough guilds registered.
P.S.2: To avoid any disputes about the rewards, they will be given to 6 players/guild even if more than 6 players were involved from a guild (if replacements fight in some wars) which means we will reward the players from that guild that participated in most of the fights or in cases where two players have the lesser fights count equal, we will reward the player that took part in the last war.

Have Fun,
The WoM Team
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date of the tournament was moved on Sunday, 16th of August as requested from almost everybody.

The main post was updated with the correct date.


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Hello everybody,

A little request ( information ) from me. When the day of the event will come, please, make sure your guild where you participate has at least 8 members and lvl 5 to be able to start a war.
As already mentioned in the main post, the leader must be online to start the war even if it's not part of the group who will participate.

Thank you
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