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Summer Lottery 2020

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Dear Players,

Summer is here, and we are about to provide some summer shizzle for our loyal players! How fun is that?!
The lottery will open today, July 20th at 19:00 CEST (17:00 GMT) and close at July 27th at 19:00 CEST (17:00 GMT).

Prize pool consists of 10 individual prizes.

10 winners will take 100 Dragon Coins each as reward.

All you have to do is to kill monsters within your level range and drop some Lottery Tickets. Each ticket is numbered so once we have our winning numbers you have to check them and in case you are having one of those lucky numbers, contact Game Master in game to exchange your winning ticket for your prize.
We'll draw 10 winning numbers using which produces random numbers based on atmospheric noise making this lottery super regular and fair.
Do not forget, keep your tickets and check your winning numbers once we announce them in game, forum, facebook page and discord!
Even if you did not get any lucky tickets, you can sell them to General Store for some money (make sure you do not sell them before Lottery ends however!)

Good luck and happy hunting everyone!
The WoM Team.
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Hello dear players,

There is the list with all the 10 lucky numbers:

1. 164678 - MaDBoyxD
2. 169952 - Expired
3. 163152 - Expired
4. 166667 - AlzackConnell
5. 168965 - Elvard
6. 164537 - petrut
7. 163431 - Expired
8. 166052 - ezLuci
9. 165903 - Expired
10. 169616 - Akesh

Contact a Game Master in-game if you got a lucky number.

Even if you are unlucky at the first lottery draw you can still win if you have patience and wait for the second extraction in 1 week, if not you can vendor your tickets for some extra yin to any NPC.

Best regards,
The WoM Team.
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Dear players,

It is time for 2nd extraction of Summer Lottery 2020, lucky numbers are listed below:

1. 164314
2. 165568
3. 169369
4. 166031

You should contact a GM in order to receive your reward.

Kind regards,
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