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Switch Channel & Exit Game


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My Suggestion is about the Channel change & log out.

Its 2020 guys. We still have to wait 3- 10 Seconds to go offline or swap the channel... If you get attacked by an Monster or attack one, you first of all get bugged and have to click like 100 times until you can go off or change the Channel + get PUNISHED by a 10sec timer.

My Idea is simple. Remove this shit. 3seconds cooldown between changing the channel sounds okay, but remove the "feature" that you must be safe from monsters. I want to change the Channel even when I get attacked, I don't see the any reason against it. Ofc it gets stopped when you attack. If you can't change that, add a "safe function" that you cant get attacked while chaning the Channel (on PvM)-

Exit Game - on every single game I am playing, you press exit and the game is closing, P server since 2012 removed this shit cooldown/timer and we still have to wait 10 seconds every time or get blocked by monsters and waste everyday like 1-5 minutes just for closing an client/ switch the channel.


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A lot of other servers have instant channel switch - unless you are being attacked by an Elite mob or Boss (dunno the reasoning behind that either) and they also added an extra option for game closure, namely "Force Exit" that doesn't impact your character; it simply stays logged in for a couple more seconds after you force shut down the client, just as you would via the Task Manager.


I agree 100% I would love to have this timing waiting removed or make the mobs that we attack not stopping the changing channel. Its so annoying a guy wants to chill and farm doesn't want to be stuck and wast 5 minutes of its glove because shaman is stuck on another channel

Just wondering how long it will take for WoM2 to actually fix something like this.


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+1 for exit game, even if you alt + f4 game doesnt close
-1 for changing channel. i see it as a tactic not only in pvp but on pvm too.
alot of times we fight for a metin with a dude lets say on ch3. we both go ch4 if someone fails to change ch fast he loses the loot of the metin , 10sec extra dmging the metin is hella lot. Also you can hit him or open trade to annoy him :joy:


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-1 i change channel almost instantly and i want to keep my advantage over the majority of the players


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From wom2 side, the cool down is here during to safety reason.

But why you have to be stopped from log out, Cuz an archer shoots you, it's brain dead. Especially when it happens 5 times with 10s cooldown, almost a whole minute wasted.

+1 to this

But team will reject this, cuz of the safety thing, will be damaged. So good luck.


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yeah, should be added, it just frustrates everyone, so what if a few players lose their "advantage", it's better for the rest of the playerbase.


I do not agree with instant switch due to safety reasons ( maybe you clicked the wrong channel or you pressed exit game accidentally) but I agree with removing the 10 sec. cooldown and add 3 sec instead permanently( pvm and pvp). That would make the game experience feel smoother and more constant. The 10 sec cooldown is very annoying and frustrating and I see no reason to be kept in the game.


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I think the game would gladly benefit of a force close client, considering it would leave the character for 30 seconds as a penalty but can also be used in case of a bugged instance in a dungeon (black screen, freezing).
And an instant switch channel with hotkeys. It will force competitiveness.