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Temple farm vs. Beta map farm vs. 100+ map farm


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Hello everyone!

As an Odyssey player I'm now farming at temple with my 42 lvl warrior and my 55 lvl buffer. My warrior's aura and berserk is P. Pet is 85 lvl and evolved giving 275 av. Shaman has g1 enchant damage and g1 blessing spell. I'm doing good at temple and as you know spawn points are fixed so you can just change ch run from room to room and find a metin.

My question is how good is 90+ beta map and 100+ map farm right now. Is it so crowded that you can not find a metin stone? I already bought some good items for my warrior that I will use when I'm +75 and +90. As I also play in Aurora I bought some items there for my warrior too so when the merge happens I can just use them.
Here are the items that I bought for my warrior :
+9 Grudge Sword 38 avg. 10 pierce +5 stones
+9 Dusk Willow Glaive 10 pierce 8 str +5 stones
+8 Black Steel Armour 1,5k 30 av 10 earth 15 wind +5 stones
+9 Black Steel Armour 1,5k 50 av 10 arrow +5 stones
+9 Fear Mask 15 wind 10 demi 15 ice
+5 Fear Mask 15 Earth
+9 Iron Helmet 15 Earth 15 arrow dodge
+9 Phoenix Shoes 1,5k 10 crit
+9 SCE 20 drop 10 arrow
+9 SCE 20 Devil 20 Animal 10 Orc 10 Arrow
+9 Titan Shield Stun 20 Devil 20 Animal
+9 World's Shield (15 earth, 15 ice) Stun 12 int 20 Animal 10 block
+9 HTB 1k 10 pierce 10 earth 10 light
+9 HTN 10 crit
+9 SCN 1,5k 10 crit
Ruby cl1 avg damage + pierce boost
Garnet cl3 just for the earth res
(Considering buying cl3 jade for wind res, pls recommend if you think I should do so)

Will I be able to farm Metin of Calamity / Malice when I'm +90? How are the maps right now and how do you think they will be after merge? I don't want to regret when I go +90 if I can't find metins there as I find easily at temple right now. I also don't know how easy it is for a warrior to farm there. Do you have any other suggestion for me to do in terms of farm? Can I do solo Azrael and how much devil and darkness ress would I need? I also have 96 farmer sura with items, P skills, 100 pet in Aurora so I can even do dungeons with both my warrior and sura if I need.

I would really appreciate all the suggestions and feedback from you guys. Thanks very much in advance and have a great day!


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My suggestion:

Keep that 42 char, and in the next 1 more month that u have before the merge, make one 96level warrior/sura, and while u farm on that 42level keep working on that 96 - i mean BIO ofc.

42 / 45 level rocks :)