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The Guild Tournament Low Category (30-59)


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In this thread you can register at the low category (LvL 30-59) of the Guild Tournament !
You can find the rules and details about the tournament in this thread.

In order for your application to be valid, it must contain:
-Name of the Guild:
-Maximum of 6 player names that will be participating containing the LvL of the players as well.
-Name of replacements in case that players above are unable to join and their levels (max 5 replacements but can be less)

Have Fun,
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Guild Name: OnlyReward
Guild Leader: Eldrige
Guild Members:
1 Eldrige - lvl59
2 nmfo - lvl59
3 plaff - lvl59
4 JocLaCaliopeala - lvl59
5 IIsDriftu - lvl59
6 PvMnoob - lvl55

subs :
Kaedoz - lvl59
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This is the bracket, i will remind you it is double elimination.
The red write represent the losing team for example L1 stands for the team that Lost in battle 1).

Have fun and remember to read and follow the rules written in the main post.
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Next tournament it will be one team, cause im RO and if i dont win its pointless to register again sorry but GJ to everyone who participated! Was fun!