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The Guild Tournament Medium Category (60-79)


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In this thread you can register on the medium category (LvL 60-79) of the Guild Tournament !
You can find the rules and details about the tournament in this thread.

In order for your application to be valid, it must contain:
-Name of the Guild:
-Maximum of 6 player names that will be participating containing the LvL of the players as well.
-Name of replacements in case that players above are unable to join and their levels (max 5 replacements but can be less)

Have Fun,
The WoM Team
@Weneas xReMovee and xMoveeInMaWay are accounts owned by the same player therefore they can not play in the tournament, make sure you find a replacement in time.
I dont see whats bad with this, since both chars are in the same team and a different player is gonna play with the secondary account. In worst case you can just not reward the one account. I honestly dont see any problem about this. Could you enlight me?
I'm simply playing together with 2 other guys and one of them is about to participate on one of these chars with me. So, if you're pleased, i will just unnecessarily change my mail to confirm that there are different owners? What a joke but i will just do it as my respond.

Playing with 2 chars at the same time surely is the more effective way to win a war by the way :D