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The Guild Tournament - Ultimate Category: (Lv 80-105)


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In this thread you can register at the low category (LvL 80-105) of the Guild Tournament !
You can find the rules and details about the tournament in this thread.

In order for your application to be valid, it must contain:
-Name of the Guild:
-Maximum of 6 player names that will be participating containing the LvL of the players as well.
-Name of replacements in case that players above are unable to join and their levels (max 5 replacements but can be less)

Have Fun,
The WoM Team


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Guild Tournament Awards

Top Guilds:


Top Kills:
AdrYaNS - 127
Iederita - 84
iKMS - 79

Top Survivors:
Zakovsky & Kiddu - 4 Deaths

AdrYaNS - 9

Best KDR:
Zakovsky - 16.8
Kiddu - 14.3
AdrYaNS - 14.1

The most kills in a single war:
AdrYaNS - 36
AdrYaNS - 35
Memphis - 33

Best Warrior of the Tournament:

Best Mage of the Tournament:

Best Ninja of the Tournament:

Best Sura of the Tournament:


:party:MVP of the Tournament:party:

Soon the video from the guild tournament will appear.