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The Overlord Event


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Dear players,

Today we will showcase the Overlord Event (19:00 GMT) in which you will have to fight along your dynasty in a challenge against time.
There will be two mysterious and powerful Overlords which we don't know much about, the only information we have is that they did not believe in either Bojon or Jeongbog's beliefs and decided to go rogue and hunt down those that sided in either of the dynasties mentioned.

The Dynasty which kills them fastest will be allowed access in the Gardens of Wonders where it will be full of spoils for your dynasty to enjoy. This is the first time we run this event and if you have suggestions after the event has ended please speak your mind in this thread.

Good luck and happy hunting,
The WoM2 Team
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The Overlords have revealed themselves !!!

The overlords have dealt serious damage but they were outnumbered and faltered quickly.
Thank you for joining this event and i remind you it was a test, we will boost their status and they will come soon to wreck havoc once again !
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well if i want to be honest this even doesnt work well with that amount of players.. as more than the half players did literally nothing...

maybe add more hp to them but less damage..

but thanks for making new events ^^

btw what was the reward ?