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Welcome in my Ultimate Guide!
You can treat it as a guide, tutorial, presentation and so on. The main idea was to create one thread with all the informations about WoM2.
It's up to you to report that and give some useful ideas. The guide will be further developed.

:heart: Thank you to everyone who wrote the guides, thanks to them I could find my inspiration. :heart:

[PL] Ultimate Guide
[RO] Ultimate Guide
Video guide by @iPitzi

Table of Contents
1) Features (part II) - systems, new stuff
1. Dynasties, first town
2. Currency Changes
3. Seasons
5. Item-Shop&Vote4Coins
6. Chats
7.Offline Shops
8. Inventory Expansion
9. Hong-Hae, hairstyles
10. Costume Window
11. Bravery Capes
12. Horse
13. Pets&Mounts
14. Bonus Changers
15. Remembrance System
16. Improving Skills
17. Potion of Binding
18. Belts
19. Loot Distribution
20. Fast Selling
21. EQ PvP
22. Alchemy
23. The Treasure Hunt
24. The Johwa Training Grounds
25. Defence & Pierce
26. Shopping
27. Spirit Stones Upgrading
28. New Potions
29. Repeatable Missions
30. Season Top Player

2) Farming (part II) - how to make money
(1-25lv) First town bosses
(10-25lv) First town metins
(25-35lv) Bestial Captain
(25-35lv) Second town metins
(25-45lv) Low level Metins on neutral maps
(35-45lv) Snakefield
(30-105lv) Fishing
(30-105lv) Mining
(30-105lv) Biologist Items
(35-55lv) Horse Medals
(40-45lv) Alchemy SD2&DT
(40-105lv) Vitality Stones
(40-105lv) Upgrade items at Demon Tower
(45-60lv) Naaga Dungeon
(55-70lv) Medium level Metins on neutral maps
(55-62lv) Alchemy SD3&DT
(55-65lv) Metin of Deceit
(60-70lv) Ghost Forest Metins
(60-65lv) Magic Seeds
(60-75lv) Quartz Sands
(75-76lv) Alchemy SD3&DT
(75-80lv) Boss Hunt
(75-90lv) Red Forest Metins
(75-105lv) Azrael - Devil's Catacombs
(75-105lv) Death Reaper - Demon Tower
(90-96lv) Alchemy on Lemures
(90-96lv) Dark Dragon Bosses
(90-105lv) Dark Dragon Metins
(90-105lv) Meley's Lair
(100-105lv) Razador
(105lv) Nemere's Depths

3) Events - everything about events
Moonlight Box
Hexagonal Box
Mystery Box
Puzzle Box
Metin Rain
Boss Event
Pirate Tanaka
Fox Hunt
Monster Chat
Golden Frog
Nation War
The Dojang
OX Event
Book Day
Stone Defense

4) Dungeons - everything about dungeons
Naaga Dungeon
Demon Tower
Spider Queen's Nest
Devil's Catacombs
Aqua Dragon
Earth Dragon
Red Dragon Fortress
Meley's Lair
Nemere's Depths

5) PvP - balance changes, making PvP char
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In this part I will tell you about the features and systems you will find on WoM2. If you've been playing here for some time, then most of the things you know here. In short, you'll find out what we're different from the servers you've played before.

1. Dynasties

Bojon Dynasty
Jeongbog Dynasty

Johwa City is the hometown of the Bojon and Jeongbog Dynasty.

2. Currency Changes

The new main currency is called Yin, and it looks like this:
Every time you accumulate 1000 Yang or more in your inventory, it will convert automatically into 1 Yin.
The Yang you receive will automatically be converted to Yin. For example, if a quest says that you reward is 5.000.000 Yang, you will just get 5.000 Yin
1 Yin = 1.000 Yang
100 Yin = 100.000 Yang
1.000 Yin = 1.000.000 Yang
10.000 Yin = 10.000.000 Yang
100.000 Yin = 100.000.000 Yang (100k Yin = 100kk Yang)
1.000.000 Yin = Yang (1kk Yin = 1kkk Yang)

3. TBS & RMT
Real Money Trades (RMT) are allowed only with assistance of Game Master. Selling accounts is not allowed and any request we'll get to help in such trades for real money will be declined.
Check RMT Rules
RMT Marketplace

Trade Between Servers (TBS) are forbidden on WoM2. It means you can't trade items from X server for items on WoM2.

4. Item-Shop&Vote4Coins
WoM2 is a free2play server.
You will not find anything game-breaking, or something that would give you a big advantage in the game.
Costumes/hairstyles don't have any bonuses, it's only skin for your character.
The only thing that may seem like a pay2win are the DC vouchers and
un-evolvable Pets.

Vote4Coins: you can vote for our server in metin2list to receive free Dragon Coins. Log on homepage and check "Vote for us".

5. Chats
(!)Call Chat: visible only to the dynasty you belong to
(#)Group Chat: visible only to members of the group
($)Trade Chat: visible for everyone, only for trading purpose!
(%)Guild Chat: visible only to guild members

6.Offline Shops
The max. time you can get is 8 hours.
You can double your offline time up to 16 hours with the Merchant's Wisdom, also this item increase time gaining by activities in-game.
You can gain offline time by activites in-game:
a) PvE - killing monsters - 8h
b) PvP - killing players (it can be duel) - 8h
c) Mining/fishing - 8h
You can get offline time from one activity only once a day.
You're losing offline time whenever your character is offline.
Second hourglass (that one on the right) can be filled with Hourglass Sand.
Use "Withdraw" option to take your money out of your shop, you can get them wherever you are.


You can use up to three pages in your private shop, however, the third page can be unlocked only with Bundle+.
This item will also let you to choose the unique skin for your shop.

7. Inventory Expansion
The inventory has been expanded by 2 additional pages. These will be locked from the start with different coloured locks on them. (40 Bronze Locks, 30 Silver Locks and 20 Gold Locks) You will require a matching Lock Key to unlock these slots and make them available for use. You need 1 key for each lock and you need to unlock all of the previous tier before you can unlock any higher ones. The keys are available through various means ingame and through the item mall. Once unlocked, the upgrade is permanent.


8. Hong-Hae, hairstyles

You can buy Hairstyles at Hong-Hae, it will cost 10.000 Yin. She is located in the Johwa City (481, 619), close to the General Store.


9. Costume Window

The Costume Window is a place that allows you to carry all your costumes and hairstyles with you at any time by pressing the K button.
My Costumes - use it to check all of your costumes/hairstyles
'P' - preview of the selected costume


10. Bravery Capes

You can get them from all Metin Stones and Chaos Metins, the harder the stone to break, the more Capes you will get.
The price is around ~5k Yin for one stack.

11. Horse
Level 1 Horse - you can start mission at Level 10 - you have to kill 25x Grey Wolf in 10 minutes. (You don't need Horse Medal)
- At level 20 you have to deliver 10 Horse Medals to Stable Boy
Level 11 Armed Horse - you can start mission at Level 25 - you have to kill 75x Evil Bl. Storm clan members in 15 minutes. (
Horse missions Lv. 12 - Lv. 20 unchanged
Level 21 Military Horse - you can start mission at Level 50 - you have to kill 300x Demon Archers within 30 minutes.
Level 30 Kirin Horse - you can start Kirin Horse training (missions lv.22-30) on char Lv. 100+

Kirin Horse Guide by @Boghy8

More about Horse
Where you should make Horse Missions? Check guide by WhoKnows

12. Pets & Mounts
When you will be at Level 40, go to Jong-Chug, he will talk with you about Pets.
For 12.500 Yin you can choose one of five pets: Lion, Wolf, Boar, Tiger and Panda.
Ok, you got your own Pet now, what he can do? Nothing. He will just follow you until you evolve him. You can do that at Pet's Lv.50 but better wait with it.
Use P to open Pet Window:

Level: General level, Lv. 100 is max., use Pet Experience Ring(3h) to exp your pet even faster! It's important to level your pet, higher level = better stats.
Fidelity: Increases by PvM activity and by keeping your pet well fed.
Hunger: Your pet will grow hungry over time, if your pet is starving, you will lose Fidelity
Agression: after evo it grants you Attack Value, is trained using Red Cheheom Souls. The maximum level is 10.
Perception: after evo it grants you Evading Value is trained using Blue Cheheom Souls. The maximum level is 10.
Sturdiness: after evo it grants you Defense Value is trained using Green Cheheom Souls. The maximum level is 10.

NOTE!!!: Bear in mind that the combined maximum of Agression-Perception-Sturdiness levels is 18. If you increase the total combined levels above 18 one of the other stats will decrease.

You can check potential stats by clicking 'Evolve', don't confirm it.
If you got Mount already, you can use Deo-Jinhwa Scroll and you will got Pet form once again without any loss.

13.Bonus Changers
Bonus Changer - Re-roll the bonus in your items randomly. You can get it from most in-game boxes.
Green Bonus Changer - Re-roll the bonus in your items up to level 40 randomly. You can get it from map1 bosses, map2 mini-bosses, low level metins.
Lilac Bonus Changer - Re-roll the bonus in your items up to level 60 randomly. You can get it from Naaga Dungeon and medium level metins.

14. Remembrance System

You will now be able to recognize when another character in the account has already completed Biologist and Seong-Pyeong quests, and your accuracy and efficiency at these quests will be much better! The following effects trigger on all other characters of the account once a quest has been completed on any of them:
  • Required number of samples is halved
  • Cooldown between deliveries is halved
  • Success rate for samples is increased to 100%
Remember that this only applies for characters within an account.

15.Improving Skills
On WoM2 you will find three types of Skill Books, you can read SB, tome, secret at the same time. Cooldown is 6h.
Skill Books - Chance for successful reading is 50%.
Tomes - Chance for successful reading is 70%. You can get it from Book Day.
Secrets - Chance for successful reading is 80%. A successful reading can give you between 1-3 skill points. If you raised your skill, the rest of the points don't go to the next level.

16. Potion of Binding
Potion of Binding - Increases your chance by 20% for successfully attach a Spirit Stone in the item.

Give Spirit Stones +0/+1/+2/+3 to the Alchemist in exchange you will receive 0x - x15 Binding Liquid.
With 100x of Binding Liquid you can craft Potion of Binding.

17. Belts
Belts are equipment worn by all classes that allow players to store potions, different belt have a different built-in bonus, and the number of storage slots increases with the upgrade of the belt.

18. Loot Distribution

Distributed mode: The same as it's been so far, each drop is assigned to one nearby party player, then another, and so on, sequentially.
Random mode: Each drop will be assigned to a random player in the partyIf there are more drops than players in the party, each player will be guaranteed 1 drop from the monster, all additional drops will be random.

19. Fast Selling
Clicking Sell while on an NPC shop will now put you into sale mode and display a little box below the shop with a Yin value: This is the total value of the items you're selling. You can then select on your inventory the items you wish to sell, which will highlight them and increase the total sale Yang value. When you're ready to sell everything, click the "Complete Sale" button, and that's it!
It's still possible to quickly sell single items by dragging them to an empty spot on the NPC store.


20. EQ PvP
Which items will you use at the end-game PvP?
Weapon: War/Wp-Moye Sword, War-Eclipse Blade, Ninja-Basilisk Blade, Fenghuang Bow, BM-Dragon Claw Blade, Mage-Zodiac Fan
Armour: Ninja-Aqua Suit, Mage-Aqua Tunic, Sura-Aqua Plate Armour, War-Aqua Armour
Helmet: Ice Helmet of Wind/Might/Hell/Force
Shield: Three Emperors Shield
Earrings: Sapphire Earrings, Mage/BM-Ruby Earrings
Bracelet: Glacial Bracelet
Necklace: Glacial Necklace
Shoes: Euphoria Shoes, Quilin Shoes,
Leather Boots
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22. Alchemy
On WoM, it's all about alchemy, so this is what you should know about it!

First you need to finish mission "The Mysterious Stones", you can get it from the Alchemist at lv.40. Mission is easy, kill monsters and drop 10 Dragon Stone Shards, 9 of them will disappear but 10th Shard will finish this mission.

Ok, so now some basic information:
a) 10x Dragon Stone Shards = 1x Cor Draconis

b) there is daily limit for Cor Draconis and there is no way to abuse it
Players under Lv.50: No daily cap bonus (max 25 cors)
Level 51-74: +10 daily cap bonus (max 35 cors)
Level 75-94: +25 daily cap bonus (max 50 cors)
Lv.95 and + : +55 daily cap bonus (max 80 cors)

c) Drop rate:
Under Lv.50: -20% drop rate
Level 50-74: +20% drop rate
Level 75-94: +40% drop rate
Lv.95 and + : Double drop rate

d) after clicking on Cor Draconis, you will receive random Dragon Stone Rough

e) upgrade your alchemy stones at Alchemist:
Class: Rough, Cut, Rare, Antique, Legendary

2x Rough = 1x Cut
2x Cut = 1x Rare
2x Rare = 1x Antique
2x Antique = 1x Legendary

Clarity(CL): (CL1)Minor, (CL2)Low Class, (CL3)Intermediate, (CL4)High, (CL5)Super Class
2x Minor = 1x Low Class
2x Low Class = 1x Intermediate
2x Intermediate = 1x High
2x High = 1x Super Class

Upgrade Class, then Clarity. You can also upgrade level of your perfect stones with Dragon Beans.
Example of the perfect Alchemy Page (CL5 Legendary stones)
Diamond: Res. against Skill Damage 12% + Skill Damage 12%
Ruby: Strong against Warrior +12% + Attack Value +180
Jade: Max.HP +3600 + Strong Against Mages +12%
Sapphire: 18% Resistance Against Warrior + 18% Resistance Against Assassin
Garnet: Magic Resistance 12%.
Onyx: Strong Against Sura +12% + 12% Chance to block physical attacks

Also each stone offer you two passive bonuses. However, when you want to sell Alchemy, you don't write those passive bonuses. When you sell Antiques and lower classes, you shouldn't write their bonuses - they are crap anyway.
e.g. "WTS: Legendary Diamond Skill Damage + Assasin!" or "Sell Antique Ruby!"
Where to farm alchemy? You will find in the further part of the guide
For more informations check wom2wiki.

23. The Treasure Hunt
You can drop Treasure Map on every neutral map (you cannot drop it from map1, map2, map3, Giant's Wasteland and Ghost Forest), the treasure map will point to a location on the map you obtained it from and it's on you to figure out where the alluring X leads to! Once there, prepare your best friends and venture into the Lost King's Treasury.
Inside the treasury you will encounter a badder and meaner version of the local big boss to oppose you. You have 5 minutes before the treasury collapses so make sure you dispatch them quickly! If you manage to emerge the victor, a gigantic golden chest will await you on the throne awarding you and your friends with various treasures.

Orc Valley (Lv. 60): Orcs
Yongbi Desert (Lv. 60): Arachnids
Dark Temple (Lv. 80): Esoterics - Wind
Sohan Mountain (Lv. 80): Ice
Fireland (Lv. 80): Fire
Snakefield (Lv. 80): nothing
Red Forest (Lv. 90): Earth
Cape Dragon Head (Lv.105): Animals - Earth
Nephrit Bay (Lv.105): Devils - Ice
Guatama Cliff (Lv.105): Devils - Wind
Thunder Mountains (Lv.105): Orcs - Earth
Deceitful Forest (Lv.110): Devils - Earth
Deungsan Peaks (Lv.110): Wind

24. Chaos Metins


  • Collect "Chaos Fragments" from breaking Metin Stones, each Metin Stone has a corresponding Chaos Fragment Type associated with it.
  • 10 Chaos Fragments of the same type will combine to a Chaos Crystal.
  • Using a Chaos Crystal will spawn a Chaos Metin near you, conquer it for improved rewards to a regular Metin of that kind.
  • Chaos Metins will inflict you with Chaos Curse for attacking them, lowering your damage!
  • The summoned monsters from Chaos Metins will have increased damage and other modifiers so be on your guard!
WoM2 Wiki

25. The Johwa Training Grounds
"PvP Arena"

Battle Modes:
First to # of Kills: You can set a goal number of kills to be reached by either player/party and first to reach the set number of kills wins.
Survival (Party Only): You can set the number of rounds to be played and the time limit for each round. Fight until the entire enemy party has been defeated to earn a point. You can not resurrect in this mode.
Free for All: All party arrangements are disbanded upon entry and you can fight in a Everyone vs. Everyone style chaotic battle! Every time a player falls, all players that participated in getting the kill earn points depending on their contribution. Lead the scoreboard by the end of the time limit to win!

Item Restrictions*:
No Restrictions: Everything goes!
Dojang-style: The same list of items is banned than our renowned Dojang tournament.
All Restrictions: Nothing goes! For economically resourceful fighting!

26. Defence & Pierce

Piercing damage in the game so far simply added your enemy's defense over your attack. We've changed it so that it ignores the enemy defence (as it should, that's what piercing is all about!), so that if you attack with 500 AP to an enemy with 1000 DEF, your attack will end up being of 500 and not 1500 as before. If your enemy has less def than your attack power, however, your piercing hits will deal exactly the same they did before!
You can make Taichi on P and use def items in PvP/PvE

27. Shopping

a) Price Checker
You can check the average daily prices of any item through the price checker tool you can find here.

b) Moving Items
We introduced a handy shortcut for moving things from and into your storage: Ctrl + Mouse left-click, also works for Trade Window.

c) Shop Search
As soon as there are shops around you, a button will show up on the top center of the client. Click it, type some item name, the autocomplate system will pop up to help, click search and done! All shops in the map containing the item will display an arrow over them until you click on them, even if they are not in your view.

d) Special window for bonuses
  • Only affects equipment.
  • Searching for gear yields now a window where bonuses and amounts can be selected.
  • It is not possible to pick bonuses if the item has them as standard.
  • Finds any occurrence if the amount of a bonus is equal or higher to the one selected by the user.


28. Spirit Stones Upgrading

There is also the possibility to upgrade spirit stones from +3/+4 to +5 at Seon-Pyeong in Orc Valley map, chance is around 20-25%. You can use "Blue Dragon Breath" to higher the chance of succesfully upgrading to +5.


29. New Potions

You can craft new potions at NPC called 'Duban', he is waiting for you on the Snakefield (412, 335).
You can get flowers from Snakefield monsters (best way: farm Metin of Deceit).
You can get Docto's Code from Duban's REP mission

Potion Amplifier: This potion increases the healing potential of Red and Blue Potion by 50% for 30 Minutes.
Craft with: 5x Saffron + 1x Doctor's Code
Antidote Potion: This potion grants its user 10% Poison Resistance for 15 minutes.
Craft with: 5x Dandelion + 1x Doctor's Code
Life Scavanger Potion: This potion grants its user a 10% chance to restore 3% of his Max. HP when slaying target for 10 minutes.
Craft with: 5x Jujube + 1x Doctor's Code
Magic Wind Potion: This Potion makes its user impervious to the Slow status ailment for 10 minutes.
Craft with: 5x Burdock + 1x Doctor's Code

30. Repeatable Missions

REP - missions, what do they mean? That you can make them over and over again.
Revenge the Ring Trader
Level: 25
- go to Old Lady
- kill 20x 'Jin-Hee'
- return back to Old Lady
Reward: Couple's Ring
The cold-blooded Dinner
Level: 30
- go to Yang-Shin
- Click at 'The cold-blooded dinner' and then 'Start Rep-Quest'
- Kill the monster that the quest requires to collect Animal Heart. Target monster will vary depending on your level.
- When you are done, the quest scroll will change to 'You have all Animal Hearts'.
Reward: Flowers (Lippia, Jamul, etc.)
According to your rep-quest points your will get better rewards and you can do the quest faster every time
The Source of Danger
Level: 58
- go to Duban
- Click at REP - The Source of Danger and then "Start 'The Source of Danger' Quest
- Kill requested monsters, they will drop materials for Duban
- Bring back materials to Duban
According to your rep-quest points your will get better rewards
Reward: Doctor's Code + Yin
The Hitman/Loot and Assassinations
Level: 90
Collect the Royal Treasure box for slaying a beast tribe general in DD maps once a day, the rewards improve the more boxes you open.
Calamity on the mines!
Level: 90
- go to the Hye Chang
- Destroy Metin of Calamity for Lost Pages
Reward: Exchange 8x - x12 Lost Pages for 1x Calamity Log.

31. Loot Filter

  • It is accessible from the Game Options.
  • Allows to select which kind of items a player do NOT want to pick by pressing the hotkey Z.
  • Picking up loot with a mouse click ignores the filter options.

32. Johwan Continent Map


The teleport map is accessible from the "T" button located around the minimap.
Besides teleporting, it also provides some basic information about dungeons.​

33. The Player Guidelines

Other Changes:
- Increased minimum wedding level difference to 30 levels
- Scoreboard on Nation Wars and Guild Wars
- Day/night cycle
- New Emotions and Dances
- Level-up quests up to Lv20 have been removed
- All your quests will be sorted in one window depending on their category (N button)
- In-game channel change function
- Multilanguage client
- Use Orb of Twilight to transform your PvM weapon into PvP wise, Orb of Daybreak will reverse that process (only DD weapons)
- If you want craft potions from flowers, you can use command "/cube make all" to make it faster
- You can block your EXP with Goddess' Doll, you can buy it at General Store for 100 Yin
- Shop & Mount Skins
Every type of horse feed now work on all types of horses, however, providing the proper feed will give double points
- Group buffs
Biologist changes
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Next, I would like to discuss about some ways of making money on WoM2. Level ranges (x-x lv) that you see here doesn't mean that you can not try something, this is just a suggestion. If you see that something is missing/mistake or you got an another idea "how to make money",
please write about it.
I won't say anything about your potential income, you have to ask other players about it. It's not because I'm a bad guy,
just the market changes every day.
You will find information like "Where?", "What I will farm?". However, there will be also links to wom2wiki - you can find there almost everything.

About bonuses, Double Drop means not only "Double Drop Chance" from items but Thief's Glove (2h) is must have! I will not write about bonuses like max.hp, crit. chance, etc. because they are always useful for farming.

(1-25lv) First town bosses
Description: You will hunt bosses in Johwa City(map1). These are: Lycos, Scrofa, Bera, Tigris.
Boxes - 1x Green Bonus Changer or 1x Green Bonus Adder
Where: Johwa City
Recommended bonuses: Animals


(10-25lv) First town metins
Description: You will farm Metin Stones from lv5 to lv35. Remember that you can make armed horse on level 25.
Loot: Bravery Capes, Skill Books, Spirit Stones, Green Bonus Changers
Where: Johwa City
Recommended bonuses: Double Drop

(25-35lv) Bestial Captain
Description: You will hunt Bestial Captain.
Chest - 1x Green Bonus Changer
Where: Map2 - Bokjung&Bakra
Recommended bonuses: Demi-Human

(25-35lv) Second town metins
Description: You will farm Metin Stones from lv25 to lv35.
Loot: Bravery Capes, Skill Books, Spirit Stones, Green Bonus Changers
Where: Map2 - Bokjung&Bakra
Recommended bonuses: Double Drop

(25-45lv) Low level Metins on neutral maps
Description: You wil farm (lv.40)Metin of Soul in the Dragon Valley, (lv.35)Metin of Pride, (lv.45)Metin of Shadow in the Yongbi Desert, (55lv.)Metin of Fall in the Dark Temple.
Loot: Bravery Capes, Skill Books, Spirit Stones, Lilac Bonus Changers, Soul Stones
Where: Dragon Valley and Yongbi Desert
Recommended bonuses: Double Drop

(35-45lv) Snakefield
Description: You wil farm (lv.45)Metin of Shadow
Loot: Bravery Capes, Skill Books, Spirit Stones, Lilac Bonus Changers, Soul Stones
Where: Snakefield
Recommended bonuses: Double Drop


(30-110lv) Fishing
Description: Better Fishing Rod = higher chance to catch a rare fish. Also you should collect Minnows for "Mystery Box" event.
Loot: Clams, pearls, rare fish
Where: Wherever you want
Recommended bonuses: -

(30-110lv) Mining
Description: Just mining, if aggressive monsters annoy you, you can enchance your pickaxe at Deokbe.
Loot: Ores
Where: Almost everywhere
Recommended bonuses: -

(30-110lv) Biologist Items
Description: You can farm bio Soul Stones on low level biologist missions. From missions lv.70+ you can farm quest items.
Loot: Bio Soul Stones, Ghost Tree Branch, Giant Symbol, Red Wood Branch, Notice of Plague King, Golden/White/Blue Sky Gem
Where: It depends on what you farm, you can check everything on
Recommended bonuses: -

(35-55lv) Horse Medals
Description: Horse Medals farming
Loot: Horse Medals, Alchemy
Where: Joklor Ape Dungeon - boss room
Recommended bonuses:
Double Drop, Animals

(40-45lv) Alchemy SD2&DT
Description: Alchemy farming
Loot: SD2: Alchemy, Poly Marbles. DT: Alchemy, up. items
Where: SD2: First 3 rooms. DT: Ground floor (that one with Metin of Toughness)
Recommended bonuses: Double Drop, SD2: Arachnids. DT: Undeads

(40-110lv) Vitality Stones
Description: Fill your whole eq with Cat Bite Knife(you can buy them at NPC) and go to the Alchemist to make Vitality Ores from them.
Loot: Vitality Ore
Where: Johwa City
Recommended bonuses: Movement Speed or use scrolls

(40-110lv) Upgrade items at Demon Tower
Description: Log 5 chars and go alone or with someone to upgrade items. Start with the items that you will need for your own use and later upgrade items like lv60-80 helmets, Heaven's Tears/Alraune accessories and Poison Swords/Dusk Willow Weapons. They are easy to find/cheap but their value on +9 is really high.
Loot: Up. items, gear +9, Death Reaper + relics (if you are lv.75)
Where: Demon Tower
Recommended bonuses: Undeads

(45-60lv) Naaga Dungeon
Description: Just finish the dungeon (more details in "Dungeons" guide part).
Loot: Pet Experience Ring (3h), Lilac Bonus Changer, Experimental Wine
Where: Naaga Dungeon, entrance in the Snakefield
Recommended bonuses: -

(55-70lv) Medium level Metins on neutral maps
Description: You will farm (lv.70)Metin of Murder in the Fireland and (lv.65)Metin of Death, (lv.50)Metin of Toughness in the Sohan Mount
Loot: Bravery Capes, Skill Books, Spirit Stones, Lilac Bonus Changers, Soul Stones
Where: Fireland, Sohan Mount
Recommended bonuses: Double Drop

by @CellarDorr
The light shade represents the level 50 metins.
The dark shade represents the level 65 metins.

(55-62lv) Alchemy SD3&DT
Description: Alchemy farming
Loot: SD3: Alchemy, poly marbles, DT: Alchemy, Skill Books, Up. items
Where: Spider Dungeon 3, Demon Tower - floor with Metins of Murder
Recommended bonuses: Double Drop, SD3: Arachnids, DT: Undeads

(55-65lv) Metin of Deceit
Description: You will farm Metins for pure Yins. Before destroying metin, clear monsters from it for extra yins. Guide by FM94
Loot: pure Yins, Skill Books, Spirit Stones (high chance for +4), Soul Stones
Where: Snakefield
Recommended bonuses: Double Drop, Double Yang, Gold Coin

(60-70lv) Ghost Forest Metins
Description: You want to drop Plant Sap, one of the rarest up. item. Instead of killing single mobs, you will farm metins and lure monsters around.
Plant Sap, Soul Stones, Spirit Stones, Gold Keys
Where: Ghost Forest
Recommended bonuses: Double Drop

(60-65lv) Magic Seeds
Description: You will farm Magic Seeds, you can drop it from Red Dryad, Red Haunted Stump, Red Haunted Tree
Loot: Magic Seed
Where: Red Wood
Recommended bonuses: Double Drop

(60-75lv) Quartz Sands
Description: You will farm Quartz Sands from Golem Stone Shooter.
Loot: Quartz Sand
Where: Snakefield
Recommended bonuses: Double Drop
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(75-76lv) Alchemy SD3&DT
Description: Alchemy farming.
Loot: Alchemy, up. items, poly marbles
Where: Spider Dungeon 3, Demon Tower - floor with Demon Keys
Recommended bonuses: Double Drop, SD3: Arachnids, DT: Undeads

(75-80lv) Boss Hunt
Description: You will hunt bosses like: Nine Tails, Flame King, Queen Spider, Yellow Tiger Ghost, Giant Turtle, Stone Tortoise, Ancient Tree
Loot: Boss Chest
Where: Neutral maps
Recommended bonuses: Resistances depends on the boss

(75-90lv) Red Forest Metins
Description: You will farm (lv.85)Metin of Fighting Dragon and (lv.90)Metin of Lightning Cloud. You can collect items from metins and sell to NPC.
Loot: Thief's Glove (2h), Exp. Ring, Soul Stones, Bravery Capes, Items (yins)
Where: Red Wood
Recommended bonuses: Double Drop

(75-110lv) Aqua Dragon
Description: Just finish the dungeon (more details in "Dungeons" guide part).
Loot: Claw of Aqua Dragon, Scale of Aqua Dragon, Pearls
Where: Dragon Lair
Recommended bonuses: Lightning resistance

(75-110lv) Azrael - Devil's Catacombs
Description: Just finish the dungeon (more details in "Dungeons" guide part).
Azrael's Treasure Coffer
Where: Devil's Catacombs
Recommended bonuses: Devils, Darkness res

(75-110lv) Death Reaper - Demon Tower
Description: Just finish the dungeon (more details in "Dungeons" guide part).
Death Reaper's Chest
Where: Demon Tower
Recommended bonuses: Undeads, Darkness resistance

(90-96lv) Alchemy on Lemures
Description: Alchemy farming on Guatama Cliff, lemures spot
Loot: Alchemy, flowers, gear like helmets+5 and poison swords+5, Green Potion(L)
Where: Guatama Cliff
Recommended bonuses: Devils, Double Drop

(90-96lv) Dark Dragon Bosses
[Guide] The Dark Dragons Bosses
Description: You will farm bosses on Dark Dragon(BETA) maps.
Loot: The loot depends on the boss
Where: Dark Dragons maps
Recommended bonuses: Resistances depends on the boss, Double Drop

(90-105lv) Dark Dragon Metins
Description: You will farm (lv.110)Metin of Calamity in the Thunder Mountains and (lv.110)Metin of Malice at Guatama Cliff. You can also try other metins. Collect all items from destroyed metin and sell them to NPC.
Loot: Pure Yins (from dropped weapons and bars), Lost Page (from Calamity only), Dragon Beans, Skill Books, Soul Stones
Where: Dark Dragons maps
Recommended bonuses: Double Drop

(90-110lv) Meley's Lair
Description: Just finish the dungeon (more details in "Dungeons" guide part).
Meley's Treasure Coffer
Where: Fireland
Recommended bonuses: Magic res, Skill Damage res, Fire res, Darkness res

(100-110lv) Razador
Description: Just finish the dungeon (more details in "Dungeons" guide part).
Razador's Treas. Coffer
Where: Red Dragon Fortress, Fireland
Recommended bonuses: Fire resistance

(105-110lv) Nemere's Depths
Description: Just finish the dungeon (more details in "Dungeons" guide part).
Loot: Upgrade items for Glacial Gear, Frozen Sapphire Ore
Where: Sohan Mount
Recommended bonuses: Ice resistance, Strong vs. Esoterics
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Event: Moonlight Box
Event type: PvM
Description: For 24 hours you will be able to drop Moonlight Treasure Box from monsters within your level range.
Moonlight Treasure Box


Event: Hexagonal Box
Event type: PvM
Description: For 24 hours you will be able to drop Hexagonal Box from monsters within your level range.
Hexagonal Treasure Box


Event: Mystery Box
Event type: PvM
Description: For 24 hours you can exchange 5x Minnow for one Mystery Box at the Fisherman (446, 466).
Mystery Box


Event: Boss Event
Event type: PvM
Description: This event has two level categories: 1-60 and 60-105. During this event you can find hundreds of bosses around the map.
Reward: Loot from the bosses

Level: 1-60 -> CH1 Desert Yongbi

  • Lykos
  • Bera
  • Tigris
  • Scrofa
  • Bestial Archer
  • Bestial Specialist
  • Bestial Captain
  • Chief Orc
  • Elite Chief Orc
  • Dark Leader
  • Queen Spider
Level: 60-105 -> CH1 Sohan Mountain
  • Spider Baroness
  • Demon King
  • Proud Demon King
  • Death Reaper
  • Nine Tails
  • Yellow Tiger Ghost
  • Flame King
  • Ancient Tree
  • Mighty Ice Witch
  • Charon
  • Azrael

Event: Metin Rain
Event type: PvM
Description: This event has two level categories: 1-60 and 60-105. During this event you can find hundreds of metin stones around the map.
Reward: Loot from the metin stones

Level: 1-60 -> CH1 Desert Yongbi

  • Metin of Sorrow
  • Metin of Combat
  • Metin of Battle
  • Metin of Greed
  • Metin of Black
  • Metin of Darkness
  • Metin of Jealousy
  • Metin of Pride
  • Metin of Soul
  • Metin of Shadow
  • Metin of Toughness
  • Metin of Devil
  • Metin of Fall
  • Metin of Deceit

Level: 60-105 -> CH1 Sohan Mountain
  • Metin of Death
  • Metin of Murder
  • Metin of Wind Devil
  • Metin of Devil Eyes
  • Metin of Fighting Dragon
  • Metin of Lightning Cloud
  • Metin of Gloom
  • Metin of Ember
  • Metin of Vanity
  • Metin of Wrath
  • Metin of Calamity
  • Metin of Malice

Event: Pirate Tanaka
Event type: PvM
Description: Big Pirates Tanaka will start to appear on a random places in the Yongbi Desert. Your aim is to find then and kill. Tanaka is still in move, so you will have to be quick and dexterous enough. After killing the Big Tanaka, 4 small Tanakas will be spawned, 2 of them will drop Ear of Tanaka, and two other tanakas will drop Yangs. When the event will end, you will be able to deliver your collected items to Yonah and exchange them for some rewards.
Reward: Zen Bean, Green Bonus Changer/Adder, Researcher Elixir, Gold Bars + Coin Purse from Big Tanakas

Event: Monster Chat (inactive)
Event type: For everyone
Description: In each round GM will announce various texts said by a monsters or NPC and your aim will be to guess which one monster or NPC says it. You need to remember that you need to guess as fast as possible and be faster than other players to win your reward, remember to use Call Chat (!). You have to say name of monster/NPC correctly without any mistakes. The first person who will guess a name will win a reward (you will receive them in 'Mall Storage').
There will be 10 rounds.
Reward: Valuable rewards (not specified)

Event: Nation War
Event type: PvP
Description: To participate in Nation War you need to be minimum 50 level, if you are below that level you can join as observer. You can join to event via Archer Guardian or Teleporter. The winner is a dynasty with the most number of kills.
Reward: 1st Place: 50% experience bonus for 48 hours.
2nd Place: 25% experience bonus for 48 hours.

Primal Law
Check here!

Event: The Dojang
Event type: PvP
Description: The event takes places on a special Dojang map. It's a PvP event (1 vs. 1) with several levels categories:
Lv. 15-39;
Lv. 40-59;
Lv. 60-79;
Lv. 80-96;
Lv. 97-105;
Reward: Temporary Costumes, Yin and trophies!
You can also win some special rewards here:
Dojang Hall of Fame


Special map for Dojang Event.

Event: OX Event
Event type: For everyone
Description: Each round contains questions of type true/false. Your goal is to answer correctly on every single question to win a round. X means false, and O means truth. There will be 3 rounds. To participate in OX Event you need to be minimum 20 level. You can join via Quest Panel (N) or talk to Uriel.
Coffer of Wisdom


Event: Golden Frog
Event type: For everyone
Description: In this event you need to find a Golden Frog on a map. It's huge and shiny so it's almost sure that you will not miss it! GM will give you some hints about Golden Frog location. There will be 5 rounds with 5/10 Golden Frogs each round.
Reward: Valuable rewards (not specified)

Event: Fox Hunt
Event type: For everyone
Description: The event takes places on a special Event map, you can join via Archer Guardian. Along with your Dynasty you have to kill a certain number of desert foxes. To win the event you have to do it faster than the enemy dynasty.
Reward: 1st Place: 100% experience bonus for 24 hours.
2nd Place: 50% experience bonus for 24 hours.


You can find him around Johwa's respawn point (392, 730).

You will be teleported on Special Map. Before the spawn of Desert Foxes stay on the grass-zone!

Event: Book Day
Event type: For everyone
Description: During Book Day bring three random Skill Books to Mr. Soon, and you will receive one mystery tome.
Reward: Mystery Tome


He is close to the Biologist (322, 455).

Overlord Race
Event: Overlord Race
Event type: PvM & Co-op
Description: During this event you'll need to defeat monsters and bosses to reach the final stage. In final stage you have to defeat powerful overlords: Sansin & Munsin. You must cooperate with your dynasty and find the strategy to defeat them. The winner of the event is a dynasty that will get a better time.
Reward: For the winners we will open Special Event map filled with bosses and metins.


From the left: Munsin, [SGM]Steven, Sansin.
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1. Naaga Dungeon

Level requirements
: 45-60
Bonuses: None

More detailed guide here.

How to get inside: Snakefield, Gyebaek

1) Talk to Uriel
2) Activate Quest "When Destiny barks, Fates bites"

How to finish dungeon:
1) Find 3x Golden Snake Scales from Old Boxes
2) Slain Naaga Executioner and kill all monsters
3) Defeat the Naaga Royal Guard
4) Defeat the Naaga Queen

Possible loot:

2. Demon Tower

Level requirements: 40-110
Bonuses: Undeads | Darkness

How to get inside: Dark Temple, Demon Tower Guard

How to finish dungeon:
1) Destroy the Metin of Toughness
2) Kill all monsters
3) Kill all monster and defeat Demon King
4) Destroy the Metin of Devil, then destroy the correct Metin of Fall
5) Drop 5x Unluck Stone to open the Seals
6) Defeat Proud Demon King, after that special Blacksmith will be spawned
7) Destroy all the Metins of Death
7.1) Destroy Metin of Murder to get Elite Demon Tower Map
8) Drop Elite Demon Key
9) Defeat Death Reaper

Possible loot:

3. Spider Queen's Nest

Level requirements: 50-110
Bonuses: Arachnids | Wind

More detailed guide here.

How to get inside: Spider Dungeon 3, Gravestone
You'll need "Arachnid Key" to enter inside, produce it with 1x of Spider's Poison Sack, Spider Egg Sack, Spider Web, Spider Eyes, Spider Legs, Spider Queen's Poison

1) Talk to Captain, activate quest "Spider Dungeon 3"
2) Find Gravestone (SD3)
3) Report back to Captain
4) Talk to Uriel
5) Talk to Captain
6) Talk to Uriel

How to finish dungeon:
1) Defeat Spider Baron and use "Arachnid's Whistle"
2) Defeat Spider Baroness

Possible loot:
Weapons - lv.65 +5

4. Devil's Catacombs

Level requirements: 75-110
Bonuses: Devils | Darkness

How to get inside: Hwang Temple, Catacombs Gate Keeper

How to finish dungeon:
1) Drop "Soul Crystal Key" and deliver it to Devil Key Stone
2) Go through the Devils Ghost Doors and reach the Devil Security Stone
3) Destroy the correct Metin of Doom
4) Find the way to the Current Stone
5) Defeat Tartaros bring "Totem Faces" to the Devil God Stone
6) Defeat Charon and kill all monsters
7) Defeat Azrael

Possible loot:

5. Aqua Dragon

Level requirements: 75-110
Bonuses: None | Lightning

How to get inside: Heaven's Lair 2, Ghost of Sura
You'll need "Dragon God's Symbol", you can drop it from Zin Heaven's General.

How to finish dungeon:
1) Set Metin Stones
Metin Of Revenge: Increases Aqua Dragon's Attack Power
Metin of Mountain: Increases Aqua Dragon's Defence
Metin of Solitude: Increases Aqua Dragon's HP Regeneration Rate
Metin of Arrogance: Increases Aqua Dragon's HP Regeneration Amount per Heal
2) Defeat Aqua Dragon

Possible loot:

6. Earth Dragon

Level requirements: 90-110
Bonuses: None | Earth

How to get inside: Cape Dragon Fire, Hye Chang
Party leader must bring "Calamity Log", all party members must have complated two missions.

1. "Sounds of the mine!"
1) Talk to the Blacksmith
2) Talk to Mr. Soon
3) Talk to the Blacksmith

2. "The Mystical Ring"
1) Talk to Yonah
2) Slay Tritonic Slashers to obtain 15x "Mud"
3) Talk to Elder Dwarf
4) Kill 100 monsters on Neph. Bay, Cape Dragon Fire, Guat. Cliff
5) Use Mining Relic on Kouri Crystal, until you receive Kouri Soul Stone from it
6) Talk to the Blacksmith

How to finish dungeon:
1) Defeat three bosses and unlock Kouri Seals with Stones
2) Destroy all the Metin Stones
3) Defeat the Earth Dragon

Possible loot:

7. Red Dragon Fortress

Level requirements: 100-110
Bonuses: None | Fire
More detailed guide here.

How to get inside: Fireland, Fireland Guard
You'll need "Passage Ticket"

How to finish dungeon:
1) Kill all the mobs in the designated area
2) Kill mobs and collect "Golden Cog Wheel", drag it to the Isfet Stele
3) Defeat Ignitor
4) Kill all the mobs in the designated area
5) Search for the Maat Stones and place them on the seven Isfet Steles in the correct order.
6) Destroy the Purgatory Fire Metin
7) Defeat Razador

Possible loot:

8. Meley's Lair

Level requirements: 90-110
Bonuses: None | Magic, Skill Damage Res., Fire, Darkness

How to get inside: Fireland, Dragon Watcher Dolnarr

How to finish dungeon:
1) Get Dragon Statues to 75% - destroy 4 Dragon Eggs
2) Get 2 Dragon Statues to 50% - destroy 4 Dragon Eggs
3) Get another 2 Dragon Statues to 50% - destroy 4 Dragon Eggs
4) Once you get Dragon Statue to 25% of hp, Dragon Watcher Idall will be spawned
5) Defeat Dragon Watcher Idalls
6) Destroy 2 Dragon Statues - destroy 4 Dragon Eggs
7) Destroy another 2 Dragon Statues
8) Claim your rewards by clicking on Golden Dragon Chest

Possible loot:

9. Nemere's Depths

Level requirements: 105-110
Bonuses: Esoterics | Ice

More detailed guide here.

How to get inside: Sohan Mountain, Ice Land Guardian
It's solo dungeon

How to finish dungeon:
1) Safe floor - drop Small/Medium Heat Cores
2) Solve the Arctic's Cube Puzzle
3) Defeat the Knight of Envy and his allies
4) Destroy all Metins of Ice
5) Safe floor - drop Medium/Large Heat Cores
6) Kill all monsters
7) Defeat the Knight of Envy and the Warding Knight
8) Break the Seal of the North Dragon
9) Defeat all three of Nemere's elite knights
10) Defeat Nemere

Possible loot:
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Making skills:


Skills now always go to M1 from level 17

55x Books required. You can read book every 6 hours. Read Hermit's Advice to increase your chances.
Skill Book - 50% successful chance
Tome Book - 70% successful chance
Secret Book - 80% successful chance, also increase the skill by 1-3 points if it's read successfully.
You can read Skill, Tome and Secret Book at the same time. It means they have separate cooldown.

10x Soul Stones required. You can read Soul Stone every 8-12 hours. Read Hermit's Advice to increase your chances.
If your rank is already negative, you will lose double the rank points.
With Paragon's Soul Stone you have 100% for successful training.

- Body

- great Crowd Control
- high mobility
- the best damage from hits in-game
- low survivability
- expensive eq
- total dependence on the AoS

Balance changes:

- Removed damage penalty.
- Replaced Movement Speed bonus with a Pierce Boost bonus

- Third hit versus players is now a guaranteed critical hit.

- This skill can now surpass maximum speed by 40 units while active.

- Mental

- highest skill damage from the single skill (Spirit Strike)
- highest AoE damage
- great in oPvP
- it's hard to land skills
- no chance to chase an opponent when he runs away
- weak in 1vs1 duels

Balance changes: not found

- Wp

- Dispel effect is broken, if landed - your enemy will be 10 secs out of fight
- burst damage if target is affected by Dispel
- high survivability
- low-range skills
- zero Crowd Control
- weak mobility

Balance changes:
Remove Magic
is now Dispelling Brand:
- Enemies affected by it will receive up to 10% increased PvP damage. Disable skill effects on the target for a limited time, after which they will continue their effect

- BM

- best class to tank damage
- low cooldowns, hits like a machine gun
- good kiting mechanism (running + dealing damage)
- low range on Ritual of Doom
- without Aphotic Shield you will be an easy target
- almost zero Crowd Control

Balance changes:
Ritual of Doom:

- The skill now prioritizes your selected target over all surrounding targets when possible.
- Radius of effect decreased by 25%
Aphotic Shield:

- Pierce skill hits now ignore the shield

- Dagger

- quick combo that can burst down every enemy
- one of the best 1vs1 class (abusing poison & hide)
- deadly damage from Ambush
- long cooldowns
- if someone catches you on auto-attack, you lose your potential to make a deadly combination
- you have to learn how to do triple-spin

Balance changes:

- Cooldown now starts after the player has unstealthed
- Now boosts Poisonous Cloud chance (up to 25% Poison Chance bonus)
Poisonous Cloud:

- Can no longer be used with a Bow equipped.

- Archer

- high damage from a long distance
- one of the best classes in oPvP
- high mobility
- easy target to kill
- weak in 1vs1 duels
- long skill's animation

Balance changes:
Quivers were added to the game.
Power Orb:

- Now deals splash damage instead of single-target. Skill Damage tripled - pvm only.

- HP regen burst when used.
- Can now surpass the maximum player movement speed by 10 units while active.

- Healer

- low cooldowns
- Nature's Enchant. works almost like Dragon God Attack
- great as a support
- lack of damage
- zero Crowd Control
- easy target to kill

Balance changes:
Dance with Wind:

- Can now surpass the maximum player movement speed by 10 units while active.

- Cooldown time will slowly increase if the player repeatedly casts the skill over themselves in a short period of time.
Nature's Enchantment:

- Its effect is double when cast over shamans.
- Increase every type of damage (magic, physical), similar effect to DGA.

- Dragon

- crits a lot
- great for oPvP
- hard to kill
- you will miss many Infernos
- you must remember to always buff your allies
- low mobility

Balance changes:
Duration of buffs is the same for all of them.
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