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Unexplainable screen freeze

Hello, whenever I try to log out, change character, change channel or teleport, my screen instantly freezes and I have to restart the client, which is really really annoying. My drivers are 100% updated, I have tinkered around the network settings and still nothing seems to solve the problem. I have also contacted the internet providers and still couldn't find a solution... Here is my syserr.txt (I have posted a download link since it wouldn't allow me to copy - paste it because it is very long, exceeding the 20000 characters limit)


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Check your network settings and disable the IPv6 connection.
If the game runs thru a connection on IPv6 is missing packages of data in the mighty internet causing those blocks at changing maps/channels.

A fully restart of your computer ( or even router/modem ) must be necessary after blocking the IPv6 connection from your computer ( or ask your ISP )