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Upcoming RMT and Item Mall changes

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Dear players,

We all know about the situation we are facing in WoM2, and, of course, we all share the same objective: survival.
Progressively, WoM2 became a server where most of the needs of the players could be easily fulfilled and achieved, which lead to the great improvement in the player count - and here began its comeback.

However, aiming on that direction brought us a complicated consequence: the income.

Sadly, although expected, the income generated by WoM2 is not enough for it to survive alone.
And this is basically the reasoning behind the modifications we are about to introduce:

Real Money Trade
  • RMT fee is now of 10%, instead of 5%. This change will be effective starting with 1st of November

Removal of the permanent Season Pass
  • The current Season Pass owned by all the players will expire on the 1st of December of 2019.

Item Mall
  • Being aware of the current state of the server, we realize our Item Mall lacks some love.
  • Besides Season Pass, which will be restored once expired, we are ready to add and/or modify a couple more items so that it is more attractive to a potential buyer's eye.

We expect you to understand what our goal is after this announcement and we are looking forward to keep the server alive the best we can.

With love,
Your WoM Team.
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