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Accepted Update key crafting system or remove it

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As already seen, server lost a lot of daily players because last update, and also because summer is here :)
Me, and I'm sure I'm not only one in that situation, haven't time to play like a few months ago, I play now just 4-5 hours per week. And when I'm in game I want to make some Meleys or Nemeres but surprise.. after the last update with crafting system and because we don't have a lot of beta farmers to make the materials for keys => we can't find what upgrades we need in map shops and when we find them, these materials are usual very expensive (e.g. Amethyst Engraving Knife 15kk+ each ). I suggest to modify key crafting system again (only yin for make a key) or to remove it :). I truly say these update is no good for wom2 community, and also market is dead, nemere items are cheaper, meley coffers too, razador drop are cheaper too and keys are expensive... SO, where is the profit then? After a run? We have runs with no profit...A lot of runs...

So are we still playing? what's the point? Make wom 2 great again :pensive::pensive:
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We are planning to increase the chance to drop the materials that are required for the keys with the next update.

Will add the mark of Accepted for the reason that we will update the system.

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