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v1.1 Update

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Dark Dragons Maps

  • Increased the Metin spawn count on all four DD maps.​
  • Loot and Assassination REP. quest from Admiral Angmur has now 12h Cooldown, down from 24;​
    • Added "Give Up" choice which will cancel the quest but it will have double the Cooldown instead (24h).​

Kirin Horse

  • Cooldown between Kirin Horse missions is now 12h, down from 24.
  • Kirin shards drop has been increased.


  • Allowed stronger vitality stones to replace the effect of weaker vitality stones when used;
  • Decreased the Hourglass' Sand drop from Chaos Metins;
  • Added Hourglass' Sand time when searching for it using the shop search feature;
  • Dusk Weapons upgrade materials drop has been increased;
  • OX Event questions have been revised;
  • Grilled Perch description has been updated to match its effect.

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Metin Stones
  • Slightly reduced their count on low level maps such as:
    • First and Second villages.
    • Seungryong Valley.
    • Dark Temple.
    • Yongbi Desert.
    • Sohan Mount.
    • Fireland.
    • Ghost and Red Forests.
    • Snakefield.
  • Gnoll Archer and Gnoll Magician will no longer interrupt the disconnection process.
  • Bosses can no longer be moved too far from their original spawn point.
  • Fixed compatibility issues in the Nation War event due to the re-implementation of the Kingdoms.
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