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v18.0 Update

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Dear community,

v18.0 has finally arrived!

The following version is a huge update that will complement and finish Season 2's content.
Enough introduction, let's move on to what's really important!

Chaos Metins

  • Collect "Chaos Fragments" from breaking Metin Stones, each Metin Stone has a corresponding Chaos Fragment Type associated with it.
  • 10 Chaos Fragments of the same type will combine to a Chaos Crystal.
  • Using a Chaos Crystal will spawn a Chaos Metin near you, conquer it for improved rewards to a regular Metin of that kind.
  • Chaos Metins will inflict you with Chaos Curse for attacking them, lowering your damage!
  • The summoned monsters from Chaos Metins will have increased damage and other modifiers so be on your guard!
  • New items, craftable scrolls at Blackmith such as Artisans Compass, Frozen Compass and Darkness Compass or Paragon's Soul Stone craftable at Alchemist under Azrael's Bounty crafting window.

Primal Law Event

  • Battle Royale has made it's way to Metin2 in this everyone for themselves style ultimate clash!
  • Register for the event when it is held to be brought to the Dunes of the Lawless.
  • When the event begins, you will be seeded onto the map according to your level and from here on the premise is simple:
    • Kill, or be killed. If your HP reaches 0 you will be brought out of the Dunes of the Lawless to recuperate from your defeat.
    • Earn Primal Coins depending on how well you did during the event:
      • 3 Coins for joining alone! Don't be shy, just give it your best!
      • 1 Coin for every 10% of the players joined at the start of the event you survive.
      • 2 Coins for killing a player below your level.
      • 4 Coins for killing a player of similar level (more or less than 3 of yours)!
      • 6 Coins for killing a high level player!
    • A ruthless rainstorm is circling in the Dunes of the Lawless, make sure that no matter what, you stay inside the safe area or you will suffer damage over time! With the event getting longer and longer, the sandstorm will grow fiercer and fiercer. You can always check your map to see where the rainstorm currently is and where it's next closing in towards.
    • The last player standing will be crowned the top of the food chain and receive a special costume to represent his victory.
      • The costume is temporary and will last until the next Primal Law event, so you truly will be the one and only at any given moment donning it!
  • Primal Coins can be traded for rewards at the Battle Master, Primal Coins will be displayed instead of your Yang balance when interacting with his shop.
  • Primal Law will be expanded with more features (such as looting and others) in the future.

The Johwan Training Grounds
  • The release of Primal Law brings a few adjustments in the Training Grounds, for players to train and improve themselves, bringing a smoother experience in the dueling instances. As such:
    • The orthodox refresh triggered on duel starting has been removed;
    • Skills' cooldown when reviving has been removed as well;
    • On top of that, the Battle Master will now allow you to watch the current ongoing duels. Which means, Observer Mode is now available!

Gameplay Adjustments
  • The gear progression from Levels 1 through 70 have been updated!
    • Gear from Levels 1 through 43 no longer require upgrade materials.
      • As such, items that no longer serve any purpose can be sold at NPCs for a set price, based on the market.
    • Gear from levels 43 through 70 now require Clams instead of Pearls for upgrades from +7 to +9.
      • The other pieces of the upgrade path were not changed.
  • The following changes have been made to the Biologist Chaegirab quests:
    • The cooldown for delivery on biology quests has been lowered, they are now as follows:
      • Level 30 and 40 biology quests no longer have a delivery cooldown;
      • Level 50 quest: 1 hour;
      • Level 60 quest: 2 hours;
      • Level 70 quest: 4 hours;
      • Level 80 quest: 6 hours;
      • Level 85 quest: 8 hours;
      • Level 90 quest: 10 hours.
        Note: Remembrance will not affect cooldowns of level 30, 40 and 50 quests. However, the amount of required items will still be halved.
    • Furthermore, Plague Notice, the item for the Level 90 biology quest, can now be obtained from the following bosses:
      • Dark Ghost Leader;
      • Aqua Dragon;
      • Azrael;
      • Elite Martyaxwar;
      • Elite King Crab;
      • Elite King Wobba;
      • Elite Lemures Prince.
  • Fire Bird Shoes and King Fisher Shoes no longer give a Defense+ bonus but an Attack+ bonus instead.
  • Updates to the accessibility of the following dungeons and rewards were made:
    • Naaga Lair
      • Drops have been added to the Naaga Final Guard;
      • Drops for the Naaga Queen have been modified;
    • Spider Baroness Lair
      • The Arachnid Key now has a 100% chance to be crafted;
      • Both the Spider Baron and Baroness have been given Wind attribute;
      • The rewards were updated slightly.
    • Aqua Dragon Lair
      • No longer is restricted to 1 ongoing run per server per hour, instead there is a 3 hour limit on every character.
      • To reflect this, Aqua Dragon's rewards have been placed in Aqua Dragon Coffers instead.
    • Earth Dragon
      • The cooldown on crafting Calamity Logs has been removed.
      • Calamity Logs now require a static 8 pages to craft instead of 8-12 at random.
    • Nemere's Lair
      • The cooldown on opening treasure chests from Nemere's Lair has been removed.
    • Blazing Purgatory
      • Monsters no longer have pull-back skills (except Ignitor and Ember Flame Chieftain).
    • Meley's Lair
      • Disabled an odd freeze effect from Dragon Watcher Idall's special skill.
  • The Alchemy Daily Shard Cap has been increased!
    • Under Level 50 has remained unchanged;
    • Levels 50-74 have been raised from 30 to 35;
    • Levels 75-94 have been raised from 40 to 50;
    • Levels 95+ have been raised from 60 to 80.
  • With the introduction of new items from the Chaos Metins, the following changes were made to the Blacksmith:
    • He now has a trading window instead of several quest options to make scrolls
      • The Master Compass now costs 350 yin to craft
      • Alchemy Scroll now costs 5000 yin to craft and requires 5 Blessing Scrolls instead of 1

Ujeong Scroll - Rename your Guild:
  • The Ujeong Scroll is an item that allow Guild Leaders to rename their Guilds;
  • This process has a 30 days cooldown, so be careful before choosing a new name!
  • Can't be used in dungeons, in guild war maps or while waiting for a guild war to start;
  • Can be acquired through the Item Mall.

Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements:
  • Item names are now translated when linked in the chat;
  • Puzzle Box questions have been updated;
  • Minimap's overlay has been slightly modified;
  • Amended Yonah's Pirate Tanaka quest text. Empires were still mentioned in there, which is incorrect;
  • All dark mounts have now a red-smoke effect;
  • Fixed Archer Guardian's Guild Battles' List;
  • Fixed Shop Search not displaying the correct price of a given search;
  • Fixed Dispelling Brand skill type. In other words, Dispel will not deal ridiculously low damages (e.g: 3-5);
  • Fixed Swiftness' visual effect duration, lasting less than intended;
  • Fixed Mages' buff skills motion;
  • Fixed a couple wrong teleportation spots in Valley, Desert and Fireland;
  • Costumes that had leftover bonuses have been cleaned up for good;
  • Corrected Soldier Spider image in level's 39 hunting quest;
  • Quest windows will no longer overlap each other;
  • Modifications on the Messenger's Friends List in order to hit its delay issue.
    • Note: This specific situation was not reproducible in our Test Server, as it has to do with the player count. Therefore, we await for players' feedback in this matter.

We sincerely hope you enjoy these changes and are as excited as we are to see what the future holds!
With regards,
The WoM2 Team
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Hello folks!

In this quick maintenance the following points have been hit:
  • Removed the annoying global notification about Aqua Dragon being defeated;
  • Reverted the changes that allowed quest windows not to overlap each other. Reason why a couple quest dialogs (like wedding's) were broken;
  • Reverted Messenger's Friends lists corrections, as these seemed to be the main point of the lagging we have been suffering ever since the update.
    Note: Must mention that we gathered the data we needed to collect in this matter. However, it is a complicated situation to tackle at the moment, so you may experience this issue sometimes still.
The server is now back again!
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