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v18.1 Update

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Dear players,

We are releasing v18.1 as a bugfix patch of the previous update. As such, the following points have been tackled:

- Scorpion Tail has been added back to the game, as it is a required item still (e.g. for quivers);
- Drop changes to Zin Heaven's General;
Note: Apparently, it was not (always) dropping a Dragon God's Symbol.​
- OX Event questions have been updated;
- Armure d'Chevalier Blanc is now available in the Shop Search;
- Fixed Day-Night cycle issues;
- Removed Horse feeds from Primal Shop;
- Removed bonuses from YouTube Costumes;
- Removed Mount Skin (Default) from Private Shops. It can't be exchanged from now on;
Note: No, we are not giving your 500 yin back for it.​
- Frozen Compass can now be used on Ice Earrings and Glacial Armguards;

- The Costume Inventory Window has now a Preview Window;
  • Players can have a preview of every single costume and/or hairstyle in the window by pressing the "P"review button;
Note: There is a known issue with Festive Robes and Male Warrior, which make the costume look odd. However, this is a 3D-related issue and we can't tackle it at the moment.​
- Primal Law Event tweaks:
  • Players can't whisper each other inside the Primal Map, and won't receive messages from outside of it;
  • Call, Trade and Guild chats have been disabled;
  • Map coordinates are not shown anymore;
  • Pets and mounts are not allowed anymore;
  • Fixed the Primal Coins distribution formula;
  • Every single character will have the same visual representation (armor, hairstyle and weapon):
    • For now, though, everybody will be have no armor, the default hairstyle, and Lv1 weapon.
  • Reworked the duel instancing methods.

With regards,
The WoM Team.
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