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v18.2 Update on 27th April

Will you ever add that golden snake costume or whatever his name is to the game?? Suggested 3 years ago when every server already had it or added it..
I want only to know if once again we experienced decrease of bonus changer drop without informing us... This time from beta map chaos metins. Like 2 weeks ago i could receive max 9 bonus changers from single chaos and now maximum i can get is 3 or maybe 4 cuz 4x1 if possible. Mostly 1-2.


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There wasn't even a maintenance so how could you say that. No, there was nothing changed to loot table of chaos metins
To be honest ,@Stojeba ,since chaos metins were added ( i can`t compare to you , obvious) , but i destroyed around 10 from beta maps , and even in the beggining and now i don`t see a change , 2-3 and idk if i ever got 4 max. So i think they didnt change it. Maybe u tested on a bigger sample , and u can be right tho.


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To end the rumors about changers from chaos DD metin stones.

The drop wasn't nerfed, it's just a very rare chance to get the pack of 4 changers from chaos metins.

There is a drop of total 5 different packs of changers and 4 of those packs ( without the biggest pack of 4 changers with a very low chance ) have a total of 5 changers. You can get easy up to 5 but very rare the rest of 4 to be 9 in total

You have to trust me here