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v18.3 Update

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Dear players,

In tonight's maintenance, the following points will be addressed:
  • Implementation of Summon Mistery Vein, a new item which purpose is to spawn a random vein;
  • In order to prevent issues in completing the quest, "Treasure Map" (the side quest item, not the feature) and Vial of Naaga Toxin are bound on pickup;
  • Items that drop in excessive amounts in DD maps have been adjusted slightly to preserve their value;
  • Merchant's Wisdom and Thief's Glove have been removed from Razador's and Meley's chests;
  • Fixed a bug on Demon Tower that wouldn't allow players to upgrade their items;
  • Drop rates on Monkey Dungeons have been adjusted;
  • Improvements on Johwa City, entropy added on the map itself;
  • Muted players are not allowed to whisper GMs anymore. If you need any clarification, mail at [email protected];
  • Fixes on Red Ghost Forest regarding to Metin Stones spawning on unreachable areas;
  • Reworked the descriptions of Novice Wise Man's Memo and Novice Blacksmith's Memo to be more clearer;
  • Offline shops have been temporarily disabled due to major issues. A shop will only spawn if the owner is online.

ramadan_event_forum (1).jpg

Ramadan Mubarak everyone!
Ramadan is arriving at WoM2, and yes, expect it! A brand new event, fresh costumes, and... how about a camel pet, to follow you in your adventures through the desert?
Beware about it! A fully detailed post about this event is on its way.

Release date of this event will be later announced, we'll keep in touch!
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