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v18.4 Update

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Dear players,

A simple, yet needed, maintenance is being held in order to tackle the following points:
  • Summon items are no longer working inside dungeon instances;
  • Chaos Fragments are no longer obtainable in dungeon instances;
  • Heaven's Lair monsters have received Ice and Lightning elements;
  • Tanaka Pirate's texture has been amended;
  • Minor fixes on the Ramadan Event;
  • Dino pet got its collision removed;
  • Implemented Soul Crystal Armillae. A new type of Soul Crystal equipment available to craft in the Alchemist;
  • Offline Shops have been added back to the game:
    • The overall gain of activity points has been adjusted;
    • Activity points have now a more frequent decrease, even if players are online;
    • Fixed an issue where the shop could get near-to-infinite offline time.

The WoM Team.


Hello everyone!

We are running a quick maintenance today in order to revamp a couple details:
  • Soul Crystal Armillae got its level reduced from 80 to 58;
  • Fixed SCA upgrading line;
  • Altered the activity formula and reduced the quantity of activity taken from the player, which translates into offline time.

With love,
The WoM Team.


Dear community,

In the ongoing maintenance, these are the elements we took care of:
  • An inappropriate dialog on Taurean about Ramadan Event has been removed;
  • Minor fixes on some maps' related to Metin Stones spawns;
  • Regulated offline shops' formulas and concepts:
    • Modifications on the loss of activity;
      • You are not losing your offline time out of a sudden anymore. You still will lose activity while online, which translates into offline time later on;
      • Despite being online, you can refill the offline time you lost, instantly, by playing the game actively.
    • Overall adjustments on the gain and loss rates.

Note: Still about offline shops, we are running specific offline time rates, and we may accommodate them according to your feedback.

Kind Regards,
The WoM Team.
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