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v18.5 Update

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Dear community,

Yet another update arriving to WoM2 tonight! Here's the list of things we addressed:
  • Amended the reward for Assassins and Suras in the Lv44 mission, named The Treasure Map of the Bookworm;
  • It is not possible to request a pet name with special characters anymore;
  • Ghost Forest has been added as an option on the Teleporter, from level 60;
  • Fixed a visual glitch where Mining Relic would be used on both hands on Assassins and Shamans;
  • Fixed another visual issue whereas the price of several items wouldn't be shown on private shops, stating that the item couldn't be sold instead;
  • Fixed a bug that would consider all Mount Skins available for the Camel mount;
  • Various Metin and Vein spawns have been sorted out not to trigger in unreachable areas;
  • Minimal OX Event tweaks;
  • Erased the leftovers of the Ramadan Event;
  • Fixed a problem with Alchemic Scroll not being usable after being used once;
  • It is not possible to sell identical items with different prices in private shops anymore.

Kind Regards,
The WoM Team.
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