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v19.6 Update

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Dear players,

We are running a maintenance tonight around 02:00 CET with an estimated duration of 1 hour. Find out the reason below.

Group buffs
  • Mages' buffs can now affect all the members of a group.
  • The caster does not need to target the members individually.
  • Everyone must be close enough for this to take action.

Alchemy Refinement Window Expansion
  • Class and Clarity windows had their slots increased to 15.
  • It is possible to refine more than one Alchemy Stone at once.
  • This chance does not apply the Strength and Fusion refinements.

Shop Search Expansion
  • Only affects equipment.
  • Searching for gear yields now a window where bonuses and amounts can be selected.
  • It is not possible to pick bonuses if the item has them as standard.
  • Finds any occurrence if the amount of a bonus is equal or higher to the one selected by the user.

  • It is accessible from the Game Options.
  • Allows to select which kind of items a player do NOT want to pick by pressing the hotkey Z.
  • Picking up loot with a mouse click ignores the filter options.

Minor corrections and adjustments
  • Experience Bracelet (3h) is no longer acquirable from Treasure Maps' runs.
  • Non-evolvable pets can now be summoned on Nemere's Depths, Meley's Lair, Nation War and Guild War. It is still not usable on Hazardous Areas (Deceitful Forest).

Kind regards,
The WoM Team.


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Dear players,

Tonight at 02:35 CET, a maintenance, of estimated duration of 40 minutes, will run. After it, you can expect:

Johwan Continent Map
  • The teleport map is accessible from the "T" button located around the minimap.
    • Can be accessed anywhere.
  • Almost every area from the Teleporter is available in the Map.
  • The cost of teleporting is 10x higher than with the common Teleporter.
  • Areas on which the level of player is not enough to teleport are not available.
    • They will be unlocked as soon as the minimum level is reached. For example: Cape, from level 90.
  • Besides teleporting, it also provides some basic information about dungeons.

Pet System
  • Non-evolvable pet seals can now be equipped in an additional slot of the equipment window.
  • Non-evolvable pet seals' timer only counts down when the pet is summoned - which translates into the equipped item.
  • Non-evolvable pets keep summoned after teleporting.
  • Existing pet seals - ingame - got their timer restored to 7 days.

Kind regards,
The WoM Team.
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Private Shops
  • Private Shops size has been expanded from 45 slots to 135.
  • Slots are divided by pages. Meaning there is a total of 3 pages available on your shops.
  • The third page is only unlockable through Bundle+ from Item Mall.
    • It's a temporary effect, which means as soon as it expires, dragging items into the third page will no longer be possible - however buyers can still see items there and buy them.
  • Shop Skins have been made temporary.
    • As announced on this post all the existing skins will expire after the update, returning to their default look.
  • On the buyer's perspective, only pages filled with items will be displayed.

  • Secondary skills' books have been made stackable.
  • General rework on David's cube recipe.
  • Crafting Titanium Ore and Coarse Rock now has a cost of 10.000 Yin.
  • Bagjanamu and Mushroom Queen now drop coffers instead of raw loot.
  • Fixed spawns of Metin Stones on the Deungsan Peaks.
  • Fixed Shaman buffs not casting on selected target players while on group.

Kind regards,
The WoM Team.


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  • Amended Metin Stones' spawns on the Deceitful Forest;
  • The very first mission now provides a weapon +9, Horse Flutes and 3 days of Mall Bonuses;
    • It is not available on existing accounts.
  • Fixed a bug with the offline shop system in which offline time farmed wouldn't be saved if the user never opened a private shop.
  • Minor technical and performance wise modifications.
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