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v20.0 Update

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Dear players,

As defined on WoM2 Development Plans - Q1 of 2020 we present you the patchnotes of the upcoming v20.0 Update. Surprisingly (or not) we have been able to tackle the core points of the whole quarter of the year and we will release them within this month already.

The Player Guidelines
A mission based system that aims to help the newcomer to learn about the game and at the same time reward him for the time spent on the objectives defined by it.
Contains a set of 6 fresh new sets of missions evaluated by difficulties and levels:
  • Beginner I
  • Beginner II
  • Intermediate I
  • Intermediate II
  • Expert I
  • Expert II
Each set involves a total of 5 different missions, on which you will have to defeat monsters, break stones, complete main quests, conquer dungeons, acquire items, ... and many more.
Do not worry though! The missions are pretty straight forward and you are able to get all the details you need, as well as the kind of reward you will receive.

Although our main goal with this system is to help the lower levels, the Player Guidelines will be available for everyone!

Chaos Metin Stones
A picture is worth a thousand words.

Metin Stones of Dusk, Insanity, Shame and Guilt now have their own Chaos version, with stronger enemies and better drop of course!
The concept is as you know! Collect 10 fragments to form a Chaos Crystal of any of the types mentioned above to summon stronger Metins. You surely don't want to attempt to defeat them without the help of your Kirin Horse!

Lost King's Treasury
If a picture is worth a thousand words, two pictures are worth... Nevermind!

The Guard Green Dragon and Guard Mushroom Queen arrived to the surroundings of the Deungsan Peaks and the Deceitful Forest, and... They ain't playing around!
Of course there is always something else to come. Mainly bugfixes, modifications and maybe one or two new additions!

The update is estimated to be rolled on Sunday, 26th of January, although it could be postponed within ~2 days, if necessary.
More information on the full patch notes that we will release this week. Stay tuned!

The WoM Team.
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Player Guidelines System
  • Contains a total of 6 sets of 5 new quests.
    • For each quest completed, the player receives at least 1 reward.
    • For each set completed, the player receives up to 5 rewards.
  • Missions and rewards are account based. This means, all the characters of an account share the same progress on the guidelines.
  • Possess a backwards compatibility.
    • This means, the system will automatically recognize objectives already completed by the player (e.g: reach level 50).
      • It is triggered upon logging in on a character.
  • The ingame UI is accessible through the Tasks button located on the bottom-right corner of the window.
  • Apprentice Chests full rework.
    • Apprentice Chest I is now given at the very start of the game.
      • The level 14 main quest gives a Green Bonus Changer instead.
    • All the rewards from each chest have been reviewed and improved.
  • A total of 54-56 obsolete and old sub-missions were wiped out from the game.
    • The Guardian
    • Diary of a Dragonsbane
    • Diary of a Legend
    • Fire and Ice
    • His daughter's wedding
    • Mysterious Earthquakes
    • The Secret Stash
    • Esoteric Writings
    • The Ambush
    • Find Mirine's brother
    • Kill Eun-Jung
    • The story of Ariyoung's husband
    • The Javelins
    • The plague disease
    • Frog's Legs Soup?
    • Oh, my beloved Ariyoung
    • Yu-Rang's Rice Cake
    • Mirine's Brother
    • The Golden Axe
    • Development of a new weapon
    • Defeating Black Wind Soldier
    • Spider web of Yu-Hwan's Instrument
    • The Joy of Reading
    • The newest Invention
    • ... and many, many more.

  • Implementation of Chaos Metin Stones for the Deceitful Forest and Deungsan Peaks.
  • Implementation of Treasure Hunt for the Deceitful Forest and Deungsan Peaks.
  • Adjusted and improved the farming spots on low-mid level maps.
    • Increased the count of Metin Stones in Johwa City.
    • Increased the count of Metin Stones on the second villages.
    • Decreased the respawn time of Metin Stones in Orc Valley, Yongbi Desert, Dark Temple and Sohan Mount.
      • By decreased, we mean they will respawn faster.
  • It is now possible to reconnect to Demon Tower if disconnected.
    • The time window for reconnection is of 3 minutes.
    • Only covers disconnects triggered from the 4th floor onwards, exactly after breaking the first Metin Stone.
    • Reconnection is not possible if the dungeon advanced in the meantime.
      • Meaning, if you got dc'ed on the 5th floor, and whoever was left in the dungeon advanced to the 6th floor, you can't teleport there.
    • Doable after interacting with the DT Guard.

  • Researcher Elixir is now stackable.
  • Lowered the cooldown of Deo-Jinhwa scrolls (from 30 days to 1 day).
  • Arachnid Key no longer expires with time.
  • Johwa's Statues have been removed.
  • PvP top effects have been removed.
  • Updated description of gold bars.

v20.0 Update - Discussion Thread

Kind regards,
The WoM Team.
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