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v20.1 Update

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Dear players,

Despite being short, the v20.1 update aims to fix minor issues we've encountered on the previous update, and, of course, to introduce Valentine's related content.

  • Quality of life improvements on NPC shops.
    • General Store now provides several stacks of Return Scrolls, Purple and Green Potions, and Empty Bottles.
    • Jong-Chug now provides a stack of 10 Cheheom Souls.
    • YouTube Costumes cannot be sold at NPC anymore.
  • Minor quest corrections and modifications.
    • Mission Lost no longer bugs the game window.
    • The Unlucky Box is no longer acquirable from the mission Lost.
    • Removed the mention of temporary Arachnid Key on its fabrication quest.
  • Balanced Guard Mushroom Queen and Guard Green Dragon.
    • They no longer have their damage boosted as time passes.
    • The rewards have also been adjusted based on their new difficulty.
    • Enigmatic Ore can now drop from Forgotten Box.
  • Lootfilter and Tasks buttons do not blink anymore.
  • Pressing the close button of a Private Shop now yields a confirmation window.
  • Fairly reduced the sum of Green Changers from Apprentice Chests.
  • General fixes on Deungsan Peaks.
  • Amended the description of the task Defeat Spider Baroness from the Player Guidelines.
  • Rejoining DT upon being time kicked is longer possible.
  • Natures Enchantment's Damage bonus has been fixed.
  • Green Dragon has much more HP now.

In addition to the logs stated above, Valentine's Day 2020 is at the door. Prepare yourselves! Don't forget to mark your presence on the 13th of February!

Also, to clear doubts, the Friends' List and Pet glitches have not been forgotten. We are currently working on a bunch of solutions, however these must be carefully tested and polished on our Test Server before sending it to Live, as it involves a major rework of the functionality of the systems.

Kind regards,
The WoM Team.
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