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v20.3 Update

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Dear players,

Rolling out the v20.3 revision of the game containing, mostly, fixes and implementations based on what you suggested. We are very proud and grateful of the massive activity present on that part of the forum and we expect to get even more ideas to make the game better.

The update is expected to be live tomorrow, Thursday, 5th of March.

  • Lion Sword, Grudge Sword and Bamboo Bell had their stats improved.
  • Splitting items saves the amount of items split, for a particular item, until the game closes.
  • Irremovable Experience Ring (1h) and Thief's Glove (2h) can now be unequipped.
    • A confirmation dialog will appear stating the item will be destroyed in exchange.
  • Added compatibility with non-stackable items in the crafting window.
    • For example, upon crafting Advanced Horse Medals, clicking on the Horse Medal icon, on the materials side, will append them automatically into the slots window.
  • Hunting quests show the location of the monster to defeat.
    • Only if the monster can be found on the map the character is.
  • The levels of Metin of Gloom and Ember have been increased to 105.
    • As result, their drop has seen an improvement.
  • Overall improvement on Royal Treasure Chest.
  • DC Vouchers can be sold in private shops.
  • Minor grammatical modifications in the client.
  • Fixed misbehavior of the font change option.
Horse Missions
  • Missions from levels 12-20 no longer fail.
  • The target of the Lv12 mission is no longer Bo, but x25 Savage Archers.
  • The target of the Lv13 mission is no longer Chuong, but x30 Strong Savage Generals.
  • Soul Stone does not belong to the Books group.
  • Introduced Feed as a new filter group which will affect pet and horse's feed.
  • Dragon God Life, Attack, Intelligence and Grilled Gold Crucian are now temporary.
    • Since they are no longer acquirable in the game, in any way possible, they will expire in 2 months.
  • Low tier potions are no longer craftable through David.
    • They are still available on Yu-Hwan and Baek-Go.
  • Liquids, Nectars and Vitality Stone are allowed to be placed on the quickslots.
Nemere's Depths
  • Knights and Glacier's Treasure Chests had their icons modified.
  • Insectologist Hann-Zo no longer crafts the following items:
    • Crystallized Gemstone
    • Crystallized Pearls
    • Arctic Coating
    • Weather-Resistant String
    • Weather-Resistant Leather
    • Weather-Resistant Rubber
    • Glacial Iron
    • Glacial Iron Plating
    • Emblem of the Frost Lion
  • Glacial Boots now grant Max. HP rate as a standard bonus.
Rally of Rebellion
  • For every consecutive Nation War lost, the players of the losing Nation receive a 10% damage bonus.
  • The bonus is only effective in Nation War.
  • Resets when the losing Nation, wins. In short, on the next war, after first victory, the bonus will NOT apply.

Kind regards,
The WoM Team.


Dear players,

The update will be delivered today at 13 CET.

Along with it, we will update our database. Although this is not related to the content we ship today, it's a must.

That being said, we won't provide any ETA, until we are close to end it.

Kind regards,
The WoM Team.
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