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v20.4 Update

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  • Cor Draconis are now restricted to level 40.
    • Which means characters under this level will not be allowed to open them.
  • Books of Phoenix Art cannot be read while transformed anymore.
  • Stone of Magic is no longer acquirable in the game.
    • Except the +5 stone which is obtainable from the Insectologist.
  • The cooldowns of Polymorph books and Mining Guide have been reduced to 6h.
  • The confirmation window upon creating Binding Liquid will only trigger once per character.
  • Inventory's shop button is now toggable.
    • The private shop's inventory can be both opened and closed from it.
  • Combo will remain active upon teleporting.
  • Bundle+ has now a duration of 30 days.
  • Introduced the 5th Channel.

  • Implemented the Arrows category.
    • Arrows and Quivers take part of it.
  • Upgrade materials from Deceitful Forest and Deungsan Peaks now belong to the Materials category.
  • Horse Riding Tome and Manual are now under the Books group.

Metin Stones
  • Small and Medium potions have been erased from mid-high level Stones.
  • Normalized the amount of Metin of Pride and Metin of Shadow in the Yongbi Desert.
  • Introduced slightly more Metin Stones on Giant Wasteland.
  • Implemented Metin of Heaven.
  • Loots have been slightly nerfed from both Normal and Chaos counterpart.

Heaven Lairs
  • Heaven Lair 1 spawns Metin of Heaven.
  • The rooms on both floors have been massively improved for farming and leveling.

Game Settings Overhaul
  • System Settings and Game Options have been merged into a single window: Game Settings.
  • Night cycle option has been replaced with Daytime.
    • Which allows the user to freely pick either day or night environment in the game.
  • Introduced personalized keybinds support.
    • Manageable from the Bindings tab of the game settings.
    • The user can select the binds that manage game actions, windows and shortcuts.
    • For now it only supports Latin characters.
      • Characters that are bound to specific keyboard languages are not available.
    • Combinations of keys are supported (i.e: CTRL + SHIFT + F1).

The update will drop this week. We will specify on the exact date at least a day prior to it.

Kind regards,
The WoM Team.
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The maintenance will be held in two hours from now.

  • Fixed Combo's misbehavior.
  • Fixed Arrow Shower not damaging the correct amount of enemies (8 -> 9).

Game Settings Overhaul
  • Grave key is now supported.
    • It's represented as GRAVE due to the ambiguity of it. In some keyboards it is translated into slashes, in some others by quotation marks, others by accents, and so on, so forth.
  • It is possible to define two different set of binds for all the shortcuts on Actions.
  • Call Mount and Screenshot binds have been restored.
  • ALT (or whichever the key bound to Toggle Names is for you) can now be used in without breaking the character's movement.
  • Looped actions (i.e: attacking with SPACEBAR) are now stopped upon opening the Bindings section from the Game Settings.
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  • Increased the rate of Bravery Capes in lower/medium level Metin Stones.
  • Exorcism Scroll does not partake in the Books loot category anymore.
  • Slightly increased the groups of Angry Plagued Man in Sohan Mount.
  • Bonus Changers' drop rate have been lightly reduced on Stones from the Deceitful Forest and Deungsan Peaks.
  • Removed leftover Cupid's Arrow and many Easter related items from inventories, safeboxes and shops.
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