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v21.0 Update

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Arboreal Menace - New Dungeon
  • A new group dungeon located in the Deceitful Forest.
  • It is accessible from the Enchanted Portal located at the northeast of the map.
  • It requires a Stone of the Dryads to enter.
    • It can be crafted on Yeon-Michin located on the Cape Dragon Island.
    • Only the group leader is forced to have it.
  • It requires at least level 105 to enter.
  • It consists on 2 stages, and they are both related to each other:
    1. Several Metin of the Forests will appear around the area, and the group has 10 minutes to destroy as many as possible.
    2. Defeat Jotun Thrym, in 30 minutes.
  • Inside the dungeon, self-reviving is forbidden. Instead, mates should revive each other using their Resurrection passive skill.
    • Should a player disconnect while dead, it is kicked out from the dungeon.
    • Should everyone die, everyone is ported out from the dungeon.
  • Mounts are not allowed.
  • Pets (secondary) are allowed.
  • There is a 5 hours cooldown in between runs.
  • In case of disconnection, players have 3 minutes to join back, else they will get kicked out from the dungeon.
  • There is a clock UI located at the top right of the game window.
  • Every monster and stone of the dungeon is balanced to promote teamplay.
  • Jotun Thrym counts with:
    • Various spawn of Healers, which will cure everyone from their party.
      • With cure, we understand, any negative effect will fade out, and their HP will be recovered.
      • The more Healers present, the more HP it will recover.
    • A total of 7 skills.
      • 4 of them are class based, which means they deal more to a certain class.
  • At the end of dungeon, Jotun Thrym can be used to upgrade and enhance Alraune's Rings.
    • It can always improve the grade of a ring.
    • To improve their levels, he must be defeated within a certain amount of time.

  • Implemented an extra slot in the equipment window to hold any type of ring item:
    • Ring of Will Power.
    • Enchanted Amulet.
    • Lollipop.
    • Alraune's Ring.
    • ...
  • Two rings can't be used at the same time (i.e: Ring of Will Power and Alraune's Ring).
  • For more information about rings, see the table on the following thread WoM2 Development Plans.

  • Implemented 6 new belts:
    • Victor's Belt - can be crafted at Yin-Shin, on the Meadows of Tranquility.
    • Supremes:
      • Supreme belts are an evolution of normal belts.
      • They can be created at Yin-Shin, upon dragging them onto him.
      • There are 5 supreme belts:
        • Supreme King's Belt
        • Supreme Shadow Belt
        • Supreme Rune Belt
        • Supreme Great Bear's Belt
        • Supreme Victor's Belt

  • Introduced 4 new fishes:
    • Grouper - If used, it can also provide other kind of goodies.
    • Lionfish - Used as primary material to produce Alraune's refinates.
    • Deungsan Catfish - Used as primary material to produce Peaks' refinates.
    • Golden Deungsan Carp - Can be sold at shops at a decent price.
  • Slightly reduced the time required until a fish gets hooked.
  • Introduced the Natural Predators mechanic:
    • It can only be triggered on Meadows of Tranquility (see below).
    • Catching certain amounts of given fishes (i.e: Grouper) will unlock a temporary buff.
    • During this temporary buff you will have the chance to catch rare fishes (i.e: Lionfish, Deungsan Catfish).
    • Normally, it requires a minimum level of your Fishing Rod. For certain Predators, at least +2 is required.
    • Logging out in any way (teleport, channel change, forced-logout, disconnect) will reset the counter of Predators caught and the buff, so you will have to start over.
    • There are 2 predators so far:
      • Grouper - Predator of Lionfish and Deungsan Catfish.
      • Carp - Predator of Golden Deungsan Carp.

Meadows of Tranquility
  • Implemented a new map named Meadows of Tranquility which features two new villages.
  • New monsters, bosses and a Metin Stone.
    • At first glance, it looks like a peaceful area but monsters have mutated with the environment there and you will face somewhat weird creatures.
  • It is the only place where you can get hold of Natural Predators' preys.
  • The local fisherman, Yong-Bok, can extract liquids out from Lionfishes and Deungsan Catfishes.
  • The local alchemist, Zhang-Ling, can produce jewels for the Alraune's and Peaks' sets of accessories and other kind of upgrade materials.

  • Fixed client crash upon teleporting with the costume inventory window open.
  • Fixed wrong display of an item's price upon trying to buy it by dragging it onto the inventory.
  • Fixed mismatch between primary and secondary pets, which wouldn't let players summon/unsummon/mount/unmount their primary pets if they had a secondary pet active.
  • Fixed wrong display of a Master Skill's progress after teleporting.
  • Restricted pets on Spectator Mode, so they won't appear anymore.
  • Removed scrolls destined to the old villages.
  • Removed most of the polymarbles of ranged monsters from drop tables.
  • Reorganized the type of polymarbles on every monster depending on their area of spawn.
  • Balance modifications on Deungsan Peaks:
    • Increased the HP of Metin of Shame and Metin of Guilt.
      • Increased the drop rate of Vivid Energy Crystal on their Chaos version.
    • Increased the HP and resistances of Guard Green Dragon as per its normal counterpart.
      • It now drops 4 guaranteed bonus changers instead of 2.
    • Increased the drop rate of Ultimate Energy Crystal from Green Dragon's Coffer.
    • Lowered the drop rate of Enigmatic Ore from Forgotten Box.
  • Balance modifications on Deceitful Forest:
    • Increased the drop rate of Insanity Honey Pot on Metin of Dusk and Metin of Insanity.
    • Lowered the drop rate of Spirit Stones +5 from the Mushroom Queen Coffer (and Mighty Ice Witch).
  • Implemented a display in the Shop Editor window which will show the potential earnings from the shop.
  • Increased slightly the overall damage dealt by monsters.
  • Hunting Quests have been expanded up to level 110. Those who finished them all until level 90, can continue further.
  • Created Purgatory Flame Key+, Frozen Key+ and Meley's Passage+.
    • These type of dungeon keys are not consumed upon usage.
    • They have a real time based duration and is always active.

Kind regards,
The WoM Team.


Community Manager
Staff member
Hello everybody,

We would like to announce the 10th of September is the day of the maintenance when the update will be implemented.

Alongside with the update we will also close the 5th channel.

With regards,
The WoM Team.


The maintenance for the update commenced at 19:15 and now we proceed to run quality tests before going live again.

As specified on this thread, the 5th channel will remain open. We took the chance however to remove the leftover coconuts and watermelons of the Summer Event.



We're dropping a tiny hotfix maintenance to apply some technical corrections and minor additions, such as:
  • Fixed incorrect display of item icons in quest windows.
  • Fixed the duration of Alraune's Ring (Normal)+0.
  • Prevent teleportation to Meadows of Tranquility, in case the player is under the exchanging cooldown.
  • Fixed the sales price of Golden Deungsan Fish.
  • Massive practical review and rework on the Playguide System:
    • (Apparently*) fixed malfunction with the kill trigger having a party group.
    • Due to its complexity, it is possible that any trivial glitch leaked, so please do report if you find any!
  • Yong-Bok (Meadows of Tranquility Fisherman) can now upgrade Fishing Poles.
  • Players are now unmounted upon entering the Arboreal Menace dungeon.
  • Review and improvement of the Mount Skin System:
    • Introduced a preview window on the mount skins' descriptions, in case such skin is available for the current mount.
*Our tests' conclusion lead to think the issue is now resolved, however the system may behave differently on the live server.

Kind Regards,
The WoM Team.
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