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v21.1 Update

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Pet System Expansion
  • It is now possible to own up to three evolvable pets/mounts.​
    • To acquire one, a Pet Seal must be used without any other pet/mount summoned.​
    • As they are new pets, they have to be leveled, trained and evolved normally - so they cannot inherit the stats of the main one.​
  • Any action related to the pets (feed, cheheom train, levelup, ...) will affect the pet that is currently active (summoned).​
  • The UI will prompt tabs for all the pets owned by the player.​
    • The limit is three, as stated previously. If you reach it, all you can do afterwards is to change their type (i.e: Lion -> Leopard) as is now.​

Private Shop Skins
  • Looks of Private Shops can be changed without having to close it.
  • Should a player not have any shop open, Bundle+ can still be used as a normal Bundle.
  • Shop skins do not last forever. Once their time expires, the shop turns back to its default skin.

  • The contents of Jotun Thrym's Coffer have been considerably improved.
  • Adjusted drop rates in Demogorgon's Coffer.
  • The chance to hook Grouper in Johwa City has been reduced by a lot.
  • Fixed a malfunction on the drop of Polymorph Marbles on the Spider Caves.
  • Preparations for Halloween Event.

Kind regards,
The WoM Team.


We'll deliver a small update tonight with the following modifications:
  • The upgrade of Alraune Rings' grades no longer fail.
  • Experience Rings, Thief's Gloves and Zen Beans drops from Metins of Wind Devil, Devil Eyes, Fighting Dragon and Lightning cloud are now level limited.
    • Players under level 65 (Ghost Forest) and level 75 (Red Forest) will no longer have any chance to drop any of these items.
  • The drop of Zephyr's Red Wings has been slightly improved.
  • The collision of the, recently added, halloween pets and mounts has been removed.
  • Fixed an issue that wouldn't let anyone spectate Guild Wars.
Kind regards,
The WoM Team.
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