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v21.2 Update

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Private Shops
  • Introduced a limit on the number of shops a channel can hold.
    • Shops cannot be opened on a channel that reached the cap.
    • On server boot, any shop that is not allowed to spawn on a channel, will be moved to the next available channel.
  • Reallocated all the shops into the center of Johwa City, as in the poll.
  • Timed items already used can no longer be put for sale in private shops:
    • Experience Rings
    • Thief's Gloves
    • Shoes of Wind
    • ...
      • Although they cannot be placed anymore, be careful because there are still items of this kind for sale, as we cannot simply remove them from all the shops. If you find one, report it to a Game Master.

Metin Stones
  • Introduced Spirit Stones as drop of Metin of Pride.
  • Amended the drop algorithm of the Metin Stones of Wind Devil, Devil Eyes, Fighting Dragon and Lightning Cloud.
  • Increased the drop chance of Vivid Energy Crystal on Chaos Metin of Guilty and Shame.
  • Lowered the drop chance of Energy Crystal on Chaos Metin of Guilty and Shame.
  • Slightly increased the drop chance of Bonus Changers and Silver Bars on Metin of Tranquility.

  • Reduced the spawn time of most of the veins from low level maps from ~1h to ~30 minutes.
  • Reduced the spawn time of all the veins from Dark Dragon maps from ~1h to ~45 minutes.

  • Campfire is no longer usable in Nation War, OX Event, Garden of Wonders and Mount Baekdo.
  • Increased the radius of the safezone of Nation War maps.

  • Fixed a bug wherein players from the Jeongbog dynasty couldn't use Return Scrolls in Johwa City.
  • Fixed a bug wherein the Playguide System wouldn't mark the task "Obtain a Horse" as completed.
  • Fixed a bug wherein weapon skins could be worn having a Pickaxe and/or a Fishing Rod.
  • Secondary pets can no longer be targeted.
  • Lowered the position of the ring from the Johwa Training Grounds to give spectators a better view of the battles.
  • The Fireland Guard now tells how long the wait to join the Blazing Purgatory dungeon takes.
  • The Storm the Red Dragon Fortress quest is no longer obligatory to access the boss' room of the Blazing Purgatory.
  • Master Compass is now stackable as the rest of the upgrading scrolls.
  • Reduced the drop chance of Enigmatic Ore from Demogorgon's Coffer.
  • Increased slightly the drop chance of Enigmatic Ore from Green Dragon's Coffer.

The update will enter live tonight at 01:00 CET.

Kind regards,
The WoM Team.

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Good night everyone.

The maintenance is over. Keep in mind the first run of the Private Shops redistribution is a pure ground test, so the limit per channel has been set pretty low (~700 shops / channel).

So far, while live testing, I encountered a desync glitch with the positional data of the Private Shops in the UI. In case you don't find it on the channel indicated, relog and the game should update that kind of data.
This issue is under investigation currently and it is planned to be solved ASAP.

Should the server behave correctly, the limit might be increased.
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