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v22.0 Update

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Dynasties / Kingdoms
  • Re-implementation of the Shinsoo, Chunjo and Jinno empires.
    • ... as well as their villages.
  • Removal of the Bojon and Jeongbog dynasties.
    • For convenience, Bojon players and shops were set in Shinsoo, while Jeongbog's in Chunjo*.
  • All the portals to the respective villages have been recovered.
  • Removed the spawn of Jin-Hee in second villages and added it in first villages.
*Development wise, Bojon and Jeongbog represented the empires of Shinsoo and Chunjo. We touched the possibility to allow the community to decide which empire they'd like to move to, however two main conflicts raised:
  • Guilds. It could be the case the leader moved to a place their members didn't.
  • Marriages. Possibility for the partners not to meet on the same kingdom.
For that, we will let everyone choose their new hometown through the game, as we will deliver Scrolls of Betrayal, for that single purpose, in case anyone wants to move.
Guilds and marriages have to be broken for the move to occur, and, as of now, this is the path we will go for.

Private Shop System
  • As per the implementation of the previous system, all shops located in Johwa have been moved to their respective empire.
  • Activity offline time has been removed.
    • You can only gain offline time through Hourglass' Sands.
  • Defined a level requirement to open a shop: 30.
    • Shops, already created, from players below this level have been moved to the second village of their empire.
  • Defined a level requirement to open a shop on an enemy empire: 75.
    • It has a cost of 30.000 Yin.
    • There is a confirmation dialog prior opening the shop which states the price.
  • Fixed Bundle+ consumption if it fails to apply a skin in the Private Shop.

Arboreal Menace Dungeon
  • Increased the damage of Alraune's Healers.
  • Increased the HP of Alraune's Healers.
  • Reduced Jotun's piercing hit rate.
  • Removed Jotun's critical hits.

  • It no longer requires to interact with the Wedding Planner to complete the marriage.
  • Reduced the teleport time to the wedding map.

  • Fixed wearing weapon skins over the incorrect weapon type.
  • Fixed not losing rank after killing someone in Free mode and switching over quickly.
  • Lowered the drop rate of Yaghan-Gisul Stone and Joheun-Gisul Stone.
  • Lowered the drop rate of Clam in Heaven Lair 1, Heaven Lair 2 and Red Forest.
  • Lowered the spawn of ranged monsters on Metin of Heaven.
  • Removed Enigmatic Ore from Demogorgon's Coffer.
  • Increased the respawn time of Demogorgon.
  • Increased the drop rate of Vivid Energy Crystal from Chaos Metin of Shame and Guilt.
  • Increased the damage of Ghost and Red Forests monsters.
  • Set up a level restriction (Lv15) on the Continent Map.
  • It's no longer possible to join in Dojang and OX Event with active pets.
  • Bosses can no longer be moved too far from their original spawn point.
  • Gnoll Archer and Gnoll Magician no longer interrupt disconnections.
  • Dungeon rankings are now account based and have been reset.
  • Introduced a tiny cooldown on the usage of autopotions.
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Proceeded now to reallocate Private Shops according to the plan.
In addition, all shops have been moved to CH1. The inheritance of the new mechanics of the Private Shop System, that come from Odyssey, allow us to deactivate the Private Shop limitation and automatic redistribution across the server channels.


All Private Shops have been placed in Shinsoo and Chunjo.
As extra for the recent implementation, shops without any offline time have been given 4 hours for free so the market sustains itself during this initial period.

All accounts have received Scroll of Betrayal (B), of a duration of 14 days, in their mall storage.


We will run a hotfix maintenance tonight to address the following set of fixes and changes:
  • Alchemist now handles all types of ores.
  • Removed activity offline time hourglass from the UI.
  • Fixed Jotun Thrym suffering from slow and stun even if immune*.
  • Fixed Jotun Thrym and Alraune Healers losing their resistances and enchantments, thus incrementing the damage of the group.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed you to join the Arboreal Menance Dungeon after failing the run*.
    • A 5h cooldown will be applied to all the characters from the dungeon.

*Applied since the previous downtime.
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On this maintenance we'll perform a couple of quality tests in regards of the merge, that is about to happen in the upcoming week.
The list below presents a few other things we've also taken the chance to address with this downtime:
  • Fixed skipping several Dragon Eggs' stages on Meley's Lair.
  • Fixed guild disband being allowed whilst in a guild war.
  • Blocker party buff no longer increments the duration of stun and slow effects.
  • Enabled night mode for the following maps:
    • All villages.
    • Seungryong Valley.
    • Dark Temple.
    • Yongbi Desert.
    • Snakefield.
    • Giant W.asteland
    • Sohan Mount.
    • Cape Dragon Island.
    • Meadows of Tranquility.
  • Preparations for Valentine's Day 2021.
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Hello, in tonight's maintenance:
  • Fixed Spider Dungeon 3 spawn point after trialing on the Baroness' Breeding Lair.
  • Removed inactive Guilds.
  • Incremented the number of stones on the following maps:
    • Sohan Mount.
    • Fireland.
    • Ghost Forest.
    • Red Forest.
    • Cape Dragon Island.
    • Nephrite Bay.
    • Thunder Mounts.
    • Gautama Cliff.
    • Deceitful Forest.
  • Reduced the drop rate of Chaos Fragments on Metin Stones over level 65 (included).
  • Restricted a few valuable items to be sold on NPCs.
  • Implemented Meadows of Tranquility Treasure Room.
  • Implemented two-rounds Nation War:
    • First round involves the three nations and after two of them reach the points cap, the other gets eliminated.
    • Second round is similar to the previous, except it contains the two remaining nations fighting with each other.

Kind regards,
The WoM Team.
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